Charles Hanbury later Hanbury-Tracy, 1st Baron Sudeley 1778–1858

Copyright © The Rt Hon The Lord Sudeley, FSA

Charles Hanbury later Hanbury-Tracy, 1st Baron Sudeley 1778–1858


by William Bortrick

Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, or an escallop in the chief point sable between two bendlets gules (for TRACY); 2nd and 3rd, or a bend engrailed vert, plain cotised sable (for HANBURY).

Crests: 1 On a chapeau gules, doubled ermine, an escallop sable between two wings or (for TRACY); 2 Out of a mural crown sable a demi-lion rampant or, holding in the paws a battle-axe sable, helved gold (for HANBURY).

Supporters: On either side a falcon, wings elevated proper, beaked and belled or.

Motto: Memoria pii ӕterna (The pious are held in everlasting remembrance).

Creation: Baron (UK) 12 July 1838.

The Great Sudeley Pedigree Roll

Merlin Charles Sainthill Hanbury-Tracy, 7TH BARON SUDELEY, of Toddington, County Gloucester (The Rt Hon The Lord Sudeley, FSA, 25 Melcombe Court, Dorset Square, London NW1 6EP), President of Traditional Britain, Lay Patron of the Prayer Book Society 1974–, Vice-President of the Society of Genealogists 2014–, FSA 1989, co-author The Sudeleys, Lords of Toddington 1987, succeeded his cousin 1941, born at London 17 June 1939, educated at Eton College, and Worcester College Oxford (BA 1963), married first 18 January 1980 (divorced 1988) Hon Elizabeth Mairi Keppel (born at Mount Stewart, County Down 3 November 1941; died 29 September 2014, buried at Mount Stewart, County Down), formerly wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Alistair Michael Hyde Villiers (see CLARENDON, E), and elder daughter of Derek William Charles Keppel, Viscount Bury (see ALBEMARLE, E) and his first wife Lady Mairi Elizabeth Vane-Tempest-Stewart (see LONDONDERRY, M). Merlin Charles Sainthill Hanbury-Tracy, 7TH BARON SUDELEY, married second 1999 (divorced 2006) Margarita Danko (born at London 30 September 1962), formerly wife of Nigel Kellett, and daughter of Nikolai Danko. Merlin Charles Sainthill Hanbury-Tracy, 7TH BARON SUDELEY, married third 2010 Dr Tatiana Dudina, Philology, Moscow State Linguistic University (born at Moscow 19 August 1950), elder daughter of Colonel Boris Dudin and his wife Galina Veselovskaya.

Lineage of Hanbury: GUY de HANBURI, of Hanbury, Worcestershire, living during the reign of Henry II, King of England, and had issue,

1a GEOFFREY DE HANBURY, see below.

The son,

GEOFFREY de HANBURY, of Hanbury, and had issue,

1a Henry de HANBURY, living 1238.

2a GUY de HANBURY, see below.

The younger son,

GUY de HANBURY, held land in Hanbury, and had issue,

1a GEOFFREY DE HANBURY, see below.

The son,

GEOFFREY de HANBURY, Bailiff to successive Bishops of Worcester, died by 1319, having had issue,

1a Henry de HANBURY, MP for Worcestershire 1320, is said to have rebelled against Edward II, King of England in 1319, was the first-known bearer of the Hanbury Arms, born circa 1285, and had issue (ancestor of the senior line of HANBURY who became extinct in the 17th century).

2a Philip de HANBURY, Verderer Forest of Feckenham, was owed £600 by Roger de Mortimer in 1318.

3a Nicholas de HANBURY, Verderer Forest of Feckenham during the reign of Edward II, King of England, living 1317, married Elizabeth, and died 1331, having had issue,

1b Reginald de HANBURY, held a quarter of a knight’s fee in Hanbury, Verderer Forest of Feckenham, MP for Worcestershire 1363 and 1382/3, and died after 1390.

4a ROBERT de HANBURY, see below.

The youngest son,

ROBERT de HANBURY, married Ellen de Newent, and had issue,

1a Robert de HANBURY, in Holy Orders, Chamberlain of North Wales 1330–41, and died after 1348.

2a JOHN de HANBURY, see below.

3a Geoffrey de HANBURY, living 1352–88, married Joan.

The second son,

JOHN de HANBURY, of Middle Beanhall, living 1324, and had issue,

EDWARD de HANBURY, of Middle Beanhall, Collector of Knights’ fees for Worcestershire 1428, and died in or after 1451, having had issue,

1a Humphrey HANBURY, died 1501, leaving issue (ancestor of HANBURY of Beanhall later BATEMAN-HANBURY, whose representative William Bateman-Hanbury was created 1st Baron Bateman of Shobdon 30 January 1837).

2a Edward HANBURY, of Bromsgrove, living 1449–1503.

3a JOHN HANBURY, see below.

The youngest son,

JOHN HANBURY, of Feckenham, where he held a quarter of a knight’s fee, living 1440–1505, and had issue,

RICHARD HANBURY, of Elmley Lovett, Worcestershire, living 1457–82, married first Catherine Smythe, and had issue,

1a RICHARD HANBURY, see below.

(continued) RICHARD HANBURY, married second Margery Tynter, and had further issue,

2a Henry HANBURY, of Buriton, Hampshire, married Bridget Webb, and had issue,

1b Thomas HANBURY, Auditor of the Exchequer, bought the Manors of Corhampton, Mapledurham and Petersfield, and had issue,

1c Thomas HANBURY, MP for Petersfield in 1597.

3a John HANBURY, of Walton, died 1559.

4a Thomas HANBURY, Vicar of Catheridge, died unmarried 1565.

The eldest son,

RICHARD HANBURY, was leasing the Crown Estate of Elmley Lovett by 1524, born 1480, married Bassett, daughter of Philip Bassett, and had issue,

1a JOHN HANBURY, see below.

2a Thomas HANBURY, of Berinton, married Joan Poole, and died 1557.

3a William HANBURY, died 1577.

The eldest son,

JOHN HANBURY, of Elmley Lovett, born 1516, married first Elizabeth Broade, daughter of John Broade, of Dunclent, Gloucestershire, and had issue,

1a Richard HANBURY, MP for Minehead 1593, Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths Company, goldsmith and ironmaster in South Wales, acquiring extensive property in Monmouthshire from 1570, arrested on the order of the Privy Council and committed to Fleet Prison in 1598 for providing the wireworks of the Company of Mineral and Battery Works at Tintern, which needed high grade osmund iron, with only the inferior merchant iron ore produced for a wider market, upon his release the supply to the ironworks at Tintern of osmund iron does not seem seriously to have reduced his profits, born 1533, married 28 April 1560 Alice Fisher, daughter and heir of John Jasper Fisher, thrice Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths Company, Crown Jeweller to Mary I, Queen of England, and died 20 May 1608, having had issue,

1b Alice HANBURY, married 1572, as his second wife, William Coombe, MP for Droitwich 1589, Warwick 1593 and Warwickshire 1597 (born June 1551; died 1610), posthumous son of John Combe, of Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire and his third wife Jane Wheeler, and died by 1608.

2b Elizabeth HANBURY, married 1578 Sir Edmund Wheeler, of Riding Court, Buckinghamshire, and died 1633, leaving issue.

(continued) JOHN HANBURY, married second Elizabeth Bradley, daughter of Francis Bradley, of Swynford, Worcestershire, and had further issue,

2a Philip HANBURY, born 1545; died without issue 1628.

3a RICHARD HANBURY, see below.

4a Robert HANBURY, born 1549; died 1601, leaving issue (ancestor of HANBURY of Ilam Hall, Staffordshire).

5a Joyce HANBURY, born 1549, married 22 May 1576 William Wilde, of Upton Warren.

6a Fortune HANBURY, born 1533, married 13 October 1578 Thomas Best, of Kinver.

The third son,

RICHARD HANBURY, of Elmley  Lovett, born 1548, married, his cousin, Margery Bradley, daughter of Francis Bradley Jr, of Swynford, and died 1590, having had issue,

1a John HANBURY, see below.

2a Philip HANBURY, of Panteg, Monmouthshire, leaving issue (ancestor of HANBURY of Holdfield Grange).

3a Rose HANBURY, married Richard Budd, Auditor to HM James I, King of England.

4a Elizabeth HANBURY, married 21 August 1580 Rev John Cole, Rector of Elmley Lovett.

The elder son,

JOHN HANBURY, of Pontypool, Monmouthshire, and Hoarstone, Worcestershire, Member of the Goldsmiths Company, inherited Monmouthshire property from his uncle Richard Hanbury in 1608, MP for Gloucestershire 1629, High Sheriff of Worcestershire 1649, born 1575, married 1616 Anne Capel (died 18 February 1668/9), daughter of Christopher Capel, MP, of Gloucester, and died 16 July 1658, having had issue,

1a Richard HANBURY, of Pont-y-PooI, Monmouthshire, born 1618, educated at Magdalen College Oxford, married 1650 Mary Bridgeman, widow of Sir Edward Morgan, Baronet, and daughter of Sir John Bridgeman, 1st Baronet (see BRADFORD, E), and died without issue.

2a CAPEL HANBURY, see below.

3a Christopher HANBURY, born 1622; died unmarried by 1658.

4a John HANBURY, born 1631, living 1658.

5a Bridget HANBURY, married Gregory Wiltshire, of St John’s, Middlesex, Auditor to HM James I, King of England.

The second son,

CAPEL HANBURY, of Hoarstone and Pont-y-Pool Park (which he built 1682), High Sheriff of Worcestershire 1689, born 1625, married first, his cousin, Elizabeth Capel (died by 1675), daughter of William Capel, of Gloucester, and had issue,

1a JOHN HANBURY, see below.

2a Mary HANBURY, married John Hoo, of the Middle Temple.

(continued) CAPEL HANBURY, married second Honora Salwey (died 1681), daughter of Edward Salwey, MP, of Stanford, Worcestershire. CAPEL HANBURY, married third Elizabeth Duppa, widow of Robert Foley, of Stourbridge (see FOLEY, B), and niece of Brian Duppa, Bishop of Winchester 1660–62, and died 14 January 1704.

The only son,

MAJOR JOHN HANBURY, of Pont-y-Pool Park, Monmouthshire, MP for Gloucester 1701–15 and Monmouthshire 1720–34, made two technical advances in the family ironworks, between 1695 and 1697 a water-powered rolling mill was introduced to roll iron into thin sheets called black plate, and some years later, when the difficulty had been overcome of cleaning the black plate, tin plate itself was produced at Pontypool for the first time on a commercial scale, his wireworks had been inferior to those of Woburn in the methods used for polishing iron wire, so his agent Thomas Allgood, disguising himself as a buffoon, travelled to Woburn and learned their trade secret of how better to polish iron wire,and innovated the practice of applying lacquer to tin known as Pontypool Japan for the production and sale of Pontypool tin ware, the profitability of his iron works led him to build Pontypool Park, where the handsome wrought iron gates still in situ were the present which was given to him for being the executor of the Duke of Marlborough’s will, born 1664, educated at Pembroke College Oxford, married first Albina Selwyn (died without issue 1702), daughter of Major-General William Selwyn, of Matson, Gloucester. MAJOR JOHN HANBURY, married second Bridget Ayscough (died 1741), only daughter and heir of Sir Edward Ayscough, of Stallingborough and South Kelsey, Lincolnshire, and died 14 June 1734, having had issue,

1a John HANBURY, of Caerleon, Monmouthshire, born 1705, married 1733 Anne Price, daughter and heir of Thomas Price, of Llanfoist House, Monmouthshire, and died without issue 1737.

2a CAPEL HANBURY, see below.

3a Sir Charles HANBURY later HANBURY-WILLIAMS, KB, of Coldbrook Park, Monmouthshire, MP for Monmouthshire 1734–47, Paymaster of Marines 1739–46, Minister at Dresden 1746, Ambassador to Berlin and St Petersburg 1749–57, one of his father’s friends, Charles Williams, of Carleon, Monmouthshire, had fled from Wales after killing his cousin in a duel, and amassed a large fortune in Smyrna which he left to John Hanbury in gratitude for negotiating  his return, which he used to purchase Coldbrook Park, Monmouthshire, hence his son taking the name of Williams in anticipation of his father settling upon him that estate, supported Walpole but spoke little in Parliament, preferring to advance the cause of his party as an author in verse of political satire, as a result of his lampoons he was threatened with a crop of duels, which he avoided by retiring to the country, at the cost of exposing himself to charges of showing the white feather, Horace Walpole wrote of him, ‘He had innumerable enemies, all the women, for he had poxed his wife, all the Tories, for he was a steady Whig, all fools, for he was a bitter satirist, and many sensible people, for he was immoderately vain’, when at St Petersburg he secured the alliance of Russia if Friedrich II the Great, King of Prussia, invaded Hanover, only to fall into the disfavour of Elizabeth, Empress and Autocrat of All the Russias, because Prussia entered into another treaty, known as the Convention of Westminster, promising to protect Hanover if the French attacked, however he gained the confidence of Catherine the Great, then Grand Duchess, in her young Court at Oranienbaum, and his young friend and secretary, Stanisław August Poniatowski, became Catherine’s lover who later made him the last King of Poland, born 8 December 1708, married at London 1 July 1732 Lady Frances Coningsby (born 15 January 1709; buried at Westminster Abbey, London, 31 December 1781), younger daughter and co-heir of Thomas Coningsby, 1st Earl of Coningsby, PC (of the 1692 creation) and his second wife Lady Frances Jones, from whom she inherited Hampton Court in Herefordshire, and died at London 2 November 1759 (buried at Westminster Abbey, London), having had issue,

1b Frances HANBURY-WILLIAMS, born 4 March 1735, married 1 August 1754, as his first wife, William Anne Holles CapelL, 4th Earl of Essex (born 7 October 1732; died at St James’s Palace, London 4 March 1799), only son of William Capell, 3rd Earl of Essex and his second wife Lady Elizabeth Russell, and died 19 July 1759, leaving issue (see ESSEX, E).

2b Charlotte HANBURY-WILLIAMS, born 8 July 1738, married 17 July 1759 Commander Hon Robert Boyle later Boyle-Walsingham, RN, MP (born 1736; died when he was lost aboard the man-of-war Thunderer, which he commanded, in a West Indian hurricane October 1779), youngest son of Henry Boyle, 1st Earl of Shannon and his second wife Lady Henrietta Boyle, and died 12 April 1790, leaving issue (see SHANNON, E).

4a George HANBURY later HANBURY-WILLIAMS, of Coldbrook Park, which he inherited from his brother, born 23 September 1715, educated at Eton College, married 1748 Margaret Chambré, daughter of Major John Chambré, and died 11 December 1764, leaving issue (see HANBURY-WILLIAMS formerly of Nant Oer and Coldbrook Park).

5a Thomas HANBURY, Captain Royal Navy, born 1722; died unmarried 1778.

The second son,

CAPEL HANBURY, of Pontypool Park, Monmouthshire, MP for Leominster 1741–47, received instructions from Leominster in 1743 for bills to prevent bribery and corruption, to repeal the Septennial Act and to ban placemen and pensioners from Parliament, MP for Monmouthshire 1747–65, being out of sympathy with the ministry he declined a peerage, born 1707, educated at Christ Church Oxford, married 7 October 1743 Hon Jane Tracy (died 7 March 1787), only daughter of Thomas Charles Tracy, 5th Viscount and Baron Tracy and his first wife Elizabeth KEYT (see below Lineage of Tracy), and died 7 October 1765, having had issue,

1a JOHN HANBURY, see below.

2a Henrietta HANBURY, died unmarried.

3a Frances HANBURY, died unmarried.

The only son,

JOHN HANBURY, of Pont-y-Pool Park, MP for Monmouthshire 1765–85, born 6 August 1744, educated at Eton College, and Magdalen College Oxford, married 12 February 1774 Jane Lewis, daughter of Morgan Lewis, of St Pierre Park, Monmouthshire, and died 4 April 1784, having had issue,

1a John Capel HANBURY, of Pont-y-Pool Park, born 27 January 1775; died unmarried 21 December 1796.

2a Capel HANBURY later HANBURY-LEIGH (added 1797 under terms of will of cousin, Edward Leigh, 5th and last Baron Leigh of Stoneleigh, of the 1643 creation) of Pontypool Park, High Sheriff of Monmouthshire 1799 and of Brecon 1827, Lord-Lieutenant of Monmouthshire 1836–61, born 6 October 1776, married first 14 September 1797 Molly Anne Myers (born 1768; died without issue 27 June 1846), widow of Sir Robert Humphrey Mackworth, 2nd Baronet, and daughter of Nathaniel Myers. Capel HANBURY later HANBURY-LEIGH, married second 20 August 1847 Emma Elizabeth Rous (born 1818; died 1888), fourth daughter and eventual sole heiress of Thomas Rous, of Court-y-rala, Glamorgan, and Llanwern House, Monmouthshire, and died 28 September 1861, having had issue,

1b Frances Elizabeth HANBURY, born 1848, married 12 December 1868 Hon Anthony Lionel George Ashley (born 7 September 1838; died 1914), fifth son of Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury, KG (see SHAFTESBURY, E) and his wife Lady Emily Caroline Catherine Frances Cowper, and died without issue 2 August 1875.

2b Emma Charlotte HANBURY, born 1849, married 4 March 1878 Commodore Lord Robert Thomas Brudenell-Bruce, Royal Navy (born 25 January 1845; died 15 February 1912), fourth son of Ernest Augustus Charles Brudenell-Bruce, 3rd Marquess of Ailesbury, PC and his wife Hon Louisa Elizabeth Horsley-Beresford, and died 30 March 1921, leaving issue (see AILESBURY, M).

3b John Capel HANBURY, of Pontypool Park, JP (Monmouthshire and Herefordshire), DL (Monmouthshire), High Sheriff of Monmouthshire 1878, Hon Colonel 3rd Battalion South Wales Borderers, born 14 May 1853, educated at Eton College, and Trinity College Cambridge, married Louisa Charlotte Eagar (died 1927), daughter of Colonel Edward Hungerford Eagar, and died 8 May 1921, having had issue,

1c Capel Lionel Charles HANBURY, born 1 October 1893, educated at Winchester, and died 9 August 1908.

2c Ruth Julia Margarette HANBURY, born 16 February 1903, married 18 December 1923 Major Gerald Evan Farquhar Tenison, 3rd Dragoon Guards, of Lough Bawn, County Monaghan, and Overbury Hall, Suffolk (born 10 January 1897; died 21 August 1954), third and youngest son of Colonel William Tenison, JP, DL, of Lough Bawn, County Monaghan and his wife Marion Angela Huggins (see TENISON of Lough Bawn), and had issue,

1d Sir Richard HANBURY-TENISON (Royal Licence 28 September 1951), KCVO 1995, JP 1979, Lord-Lieutenant of Gwent 1979–2000, born 3 January 1925, educated at Eton College, and Magdalen College, Oxford, served Irish Guards 1943–47 (Captain, wounded), entered HM Foreign Service 1949: 1st Secretary Vienna 1956–58, 1st Secretary (and sometime Charge d’Affaires) Phnom Penh 1961–63, and Bucharest 1966–68, Counsellor Bonn 1968–70, Head of Aviation and Telecommunications Department, FCC 1970–71, Counsellor Brussels 1971–75, South Wales Regional Director of Lloyds Bank 1980–91 (Chairman 1987–91), Director of Gwent TEC 1991–99, Member of Court and Council of the National Museum of Wales 1980–2002 (Chairman of the Art Committee 1986–90), President of Gwent Association of Volunteer organisations (formerly Monmouthshire Rural Community Council) 1959–, International Tree Foundation Wales, St David’s Association Hospice Care 1998–, Gwent Local History Council 1979–, Gwent County History Association 1998–, Gwent County Scout Council 1979–2000, President of TA&VRA for Wales 1985–90, South Wales RegI Committee TA&VRA 1990–2000, Hon Colonel), 3rd Battalion, The Royal Refit of Wales 1982–90, DL 1973, High Sheriff 1977, Honorary Fellow UCW, Newport 1997, KStJ 1990 (CStJ 1980), Dulverton Flagon, Timber Growers (UK), 1990, Foundation Member of the Order of St Woolos 2006 (for service to diocese of Monmouth), Publications: The Hanburys of Monmouthshire 1995, The Sheriffs of Monmouthshire and Gwent 2008, married 1955 Euphan Mary Wardlaw-Ramsay (died 2012), elder daughter of Major A.B. Wardlaw-Ramsay, 21st of Whitehill, Midlothian, and has issue,

1e Sarah HANBURY-TENISON, born 1956, married 1984 Dr Martin S. Tolley, and has issue,

1f Thomas TOLLEY, born 1986.

2f Sophie Margaret TOLLEY, born 1989.

3f Felicity Ruth TOLLEY, born 1993.

4f Isaac Adrian TOLLEY, born 1995.

2e John Wardlaw HANBURY-TENISON, born 6 December 1957, married first (divorced) Laura Wade-Gery, daughter of Sir Robert Wade-Gery. John Wardlaw HANBURY-TENISON, married second Hon Susannah Hersey Fiennes (born 27 February 1961), daughter of Nathaniel Thomas Allen Fiennes, 21st Baron Saye and Sele, DL (see SAYE AND SELE, B) and his wife Mariette Helena Salisbury-Jones.

3e William Ayscough HANBURY-TENISON, born 23 October 1962, married 23 May 1997 Mina Choi, daughter of Rev Won Taek Choi and his wife Sung Mi Choi, of Flushing, New York, USA, and has issue,

1f Alexander Wardlaw HANBURY-TENISON, born 14 August 1999.

2f Clovis Theodore HANBURY-TENISON, born 8 April 2002.

4e Capel Thomas HANBURY-TENISON, born 3 February 1965, married 4 July 1992 (divorced) Beatrice Hannah Hutchinson, and has issue,

1f Grace Elizabeth HANBURY-TENISON, born 19 December 1988.

2f William Augustus HANBURY-TENISON, born 14 August 1999.

3f Cecily Mary HANBURY-TENISON, born 18 August 2001.

5e Laura Mary HANBURY-TENISON, MBE, born 1 September 1966, married John Femiola, Barrister-at-law, son of Clement Femiola, and has issue,

1f Benedict Femiola, born 30 June 1995.

2f Tobias Femiola, born 19 February 1999.

2d Marguerite Anne TENISON, WRNS WWII, born 28 November 1925, married 7 June 1952 Major Harry Kerr Aitken, MC, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders (died 2 January 1997), son of Robert Reginald Aitken, of Ivor, Kingston, Jamaica, and has issue,

1e Clarissa Julia AITKEN, born 22 March 1953, married Julian Francis Amador Fonseca, of White House Farm, Llanvetherine, and has issue,

1f Emma Ruth Mary Fonseca, born 2 February 1980, married Daniel Ronald Blake, and has issue,

1g Harry Thomas BLAKE, born 16 June 2009.

2g Samuel James BLAKE, born 10 October 2011.

3g Jasper Edward BLAKE, born 6 June 2013.

2f Amy Frances Anne Fonseca, born 2 February 1982, married Anthony Bell.

3f Louis Charles Amador Fonseca, born 18 August 1983.

4f Isabel Josephine Eve Fonseca, born 11 October 1985.

2e Robert Hanbury Tenison AITKEN, CBE, DL, Royal Regiment of Wales 1977–2011 (Colonel 2004–06), Brigadier 160 Brigade (Wales) 1999–, born 19 May 1956, educated at Eton College, and Queen’s College Oxford, married 11 April 1987 Joanna Dawn Napier (born 28 September 1962), elder daughter of Major-General Lennox Alexander Hawkins Napier, CB, OBE, MC, DL and his wife Jennifer Dawn Wilson, and has issue,

1f Robert Frederick Harry AITKEN, born 3 August 1994.

2f James Lennox Oliver AITKEN, born 31 August 1996.

3e Cherry Anne AITKEN, born 26 July 1958, married Richard Hope Simpson, of Lydford Cay, Bahamas.

3d Patrick John TENISON, of Good Hope, Jamaica, born 1 March 1928, educated at St Columba’s Ireland, married 11 November 1949 Frances Eleanor Jackman, younger daughter of Alan Jackman, of Evanston, Illinois, USA, and died 8 September 1989, having had issue,

1e John Alan TENISON, born 25 October 1950, educated at Eton College, married Peggy Jo Goodman, and has issue,

1f Caitlin Susan TENISON, born 23 July 1987.

2e Richard Leigh TENISON, born 13 October 1953; died 4 September 1975.

3e Susan Marina TENISON, born 24 January 1955.

4e Ruth Emily TENISON, born 7 September 1957, married Wayne Webb, and died 27 January 2013.

4d Ruth Hilaria TENISON (Mrs Alan Taylor, Wahroonga, Box 144, Merrivale, Kwazulu, Natal, South Africa), born 4 February 1932, married first 10 August 1953 Christopher John Frederick Kunhardt (died 25 May 1990), only son of Colonel John Conrad Gie Kunhardt, IMS, and has issue,

1e David Robin Kunhardt, born 14 July 1954, married (divorced).

2e Martin Gerald Kunhardt, born 21 October 1956, married 9 April 2011 Brenda Elizabeth Kriel.

3e Rosemarie Jane Kunhardt, born 13 January 1965, and has issue,

1f Chelsea Victoria Kunhardt, born 10 September 1994 (twin).

2f Morgan Elizabeth Kunhardt, born 10 September 1994 (twin).

4d (continued) Ruth Hilaria Kunhardt, married second Alan Taylor.

5d Airling Robin TENISON later HANBURY-TENISON (Royal Licence 28 September 1951), OBE 1981,  DL, FLS, FRGS (Robin Hanbury-Tenison, Esq, OBE, Cabilla Manor, Cardinham, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL30 4DW), farmer, explorer and author, President of Survival International (Chairman 1969–81), Cornwall Trust for Nature Conservation 1988–95, CEO of BFSS/Countryside Alliance 1995–98, born 7 May 1936, educated at Eton College, and Magdalen College Oxford (MA), married first 14 January 1959 Marika Hopkinson (born 1938; died 1982), only daughter of John Montgomerie Hopkinson, TD, of Garwyn’s Farm, Plummers Plain, Horsham, Sussex, and has issue,

1e Lucy Antonia HANBURY-TENISON, born 20 January 1960, married 29 September 1990 Peter John Boutwood, and has issue,

1f Daisy-May BOUTWOOD, born 25 March 1991, married 27 July 2011 Adam Noel Hornsby.

2f Hepzibah Silverstone BOUTWOOD, born 8 July 1994.

2e Rupert Thomas Treveddoe HANBURY-TENISON, born 28 August 1970, married 2 September 1995 Francesca Anne Hall, and has issue,

1f Maia Marika HANBURY-TENISON, born 2000.

2f Flynn Treveddoe Alister HANBURY-TENISON, born 2002.

3f Jem Thomas John HANBURY-TENISON, born 2007.

5d (continued) Robin Hanbury-Tenison, married second 1983 Mrs Louella Edwards, daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel G.T.G. Williams, DL, of Caerhays, Cornwall, and has further issue,

3e Merlin Hanbury-Tenison, born 11 May 1985, married 2 June 2012 Elizabeth Karyn Hemstock.


The youngest son,

CHARLES HANBURY later HANBURY-TRACY (Royal Licence 19 December 1798), 1ST BARON SUDELEY, of Toddington, Gloucester, so created 12 July 1838, MP (Whig) for Tewkesbury 1807–12 and 1832–37, Sheriff of Gloucester 1800–01 and Montgomeryshire 1804–05, Lord-Lieutenant of Montgomeryshire 1848–58, Lieutenant Colonel Montgomery voluntary legion 1803, because of his personal design of Toddington he was made Chairman of the Commission for the Rebuilding of the Houses of Parliament, with the same blend of Perpendicular Gothic and Picturesque styles, Toddington being the fore-runner of the Houses of Parliament, born 28 December 1778, educated at Rugby, and Christ Church Oxford (matriculated 1 February 1796), married 29 December 1798 Hon Henrietta Susanna Tracy (died 5 June 1839), only child and heiress of Henry Leigh Tracy, 8th and last Viscount and Baron Tracy and his wife Susannah Weaver (see below Lineage of Tracy), and died 10 February 1858, having had issue,

1a Hon Henrietta HANBURY-TRACY, died unmarried 28 January 1890.


3a Hon Henry HANBURY-TRACY, DL, MP for Bridgnorth 1837–38, born 11 April 1802, married 19 June 1841 Hon Rosamond Anne Myrtle Shirley (born 25 September 1818; died 2 April 1865), only daughter of Robert William Shirley, Viscount Tamworth (see FERRERS, E) and his wife Anne Weston, and died 6 April 1889, having had issue,

1b Charles Henry Tamworth HANBURY-TRACY, born 14 January 1842; died 3 September 1923.

2b Arthur HANBURY-TRACY, born 30 June 1843; died 4 September 1856.

3b Rosa Mary HANBURY-TRACY, born 21 June 1844; died unmarried 12 September 1913.

4b Henrietta Susanna HANBURY-TRACY, born 28 March 1847, married 5 August 1891 Thurlow Augustus Astley, of Eastlea Court, Frimley, Surrey (died 17 August 1918) (see ASTLEY, Bt), and died without issue 19 June 1926.

4a Hon John Capel HANBURY-TRACY, born 19 August 1803, educated at Oriel College Oxford (BA 1829), and died unmarried 4 May 1852.

5a Hon Capel Arthur HANBURY-TRACY, HEICS, born 5 January 1809, married 18 September 1833 Eliza Anne Tyler (married second Captain Graham, and died 1837), daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel John Tyler, RA, and died without issue 28 July 1834.

6a Hon William HANBURY-TRACY, Madras Civil Service, Assistant Judge and Jt Criminal Judge Cochin 1841–46, born 18 January 1810, educated at Exeter College Oxford, and died unmarried 27 February 1887.

7a Rev Hon Edward HANBURY-TRACY, Rector of Sully Glam 1838–48, Chaplain at Embassy Vienna 1848–56, born 6 February 1812, educated at Exeter College Oxford (BA 1835, MA 1817), and died unmarried 12 September 1887.

8a Hon Frances HANBURY-TRACY, died unmarried 23 December 1867.

9a Hon Laura Susanna HANBURY-TRACY, died unmarried 30 June 1881.

The eldest son,

THOMAS CHARLES HANBURY-TRACY later LEIGH (Royal Licence 11 April 1806) later again HANBURY-TRACY (Royal Licence 30 March 1839), 2ND BARON SUDELEY, MP (Whig) for Wallingford 1831–32, Lord-Lieutenant of Montgomeryshire 1858–63, formed at Toddington one of the outstanding collections of Swiss glass in Europe, born 5 February 1801, educated at Christ Church Oxford, married 15 August 1831 Emma Elizabeth Alicia Dawkins-Pennant (died 14 July 1888), daughter of George Hay Dawkins-Pennant (see PENRHYN, B), and died 19 February 1863, having had issue,

1a Hon Juliana Sophia Elizabeth HANBURY-TRACY, died unmarried 8 June 1899.

2a Hon Madeline Emily Augusta HANBURY-TRACY, married 30 December 1875 Maurice John George Ponsonby, 4th Baron de Mauley (born 7 August 1846; died 15 March 1945), second son of Charles Frederick Ashley Cooper Ponsonby, 2nd Baron de Mauley and his wife Lady Maria Jane Elizabeth Ponsonby, and died 28 January 1938, leaving issue.

3a Hon Georgiana Henrietta Emma HANBURY-TRACY, married 6 October 1859 Captain Charles Henry Maude, and died 8 March 1921, leaving issue (see HAWARDEN, V).

4a Hon Adelaide Francis Isabella HANBURY-TRACY, married 17 May 1859 Rev Frederick Peel, and died 18 December 1917, leaving issue (see PEEL, E).

5a Hon Alice Augusta Gertrude HANBURY-TRACY, married 28 May 1861 Major-General Charles F. Webber, CB, RE, third son of Rev Thomas Webber, of Leckfield, County Sligo, and died 25 February 1877, leaving issue.



8a Hon Gertrude Emily Rosamund HANBURY-TRACY, born 24 January 1842.

9a Hon Algernon Cornwallis Henry HANBURY-TRACY, born 21 March 1844; died 8 February 1845.

10a Rev Hon Alfred Francis Algernon HANBURY-TRACY, Vicar of St Barnabas, Pimlico, born 13 October 1846, educated at Eton College, and Christ Church Oxford (BA 1867, MA 1870), married first 21 April 1868 Agnes Jane Hoare (died 12 December 1926), eldest daughter of Henry James Hoare, of Morden Lodge, Surrey, and had issue,

1b Una Theodora Alicia HANBURY-TRACY, born 12 January 1870, married 12 August 1901 Bertram Miles, and died 13 January 1959.

2b Sybil Mary Agnes HANBURY-TRACY, born 22 June 1873, married 27 April 1898 Ambrose Bartholomew Tunnard (died 6 August 1941), and died 26 April 1905, leaving issue.

3b Bertram Henry Algernon HANBURY-TRACY, born 21 July 1875, educated at Winchester, Trinity College Oxford and Durham University (BA 1898), married 1921 Caroline Rowland Belcher (died 8 January 1954), widow of Walter Winans, and daughter of Henry Belcher, MD, of Hove, and died without issue 7 November 1952.

10a (continued) Rev Hon Alfred Francis Algernon HANBURY-TRACY, married second 16 February 1928 Evelyn Margaret Haselfoot (died 18 April 1948), daughter of Frederick K.H. Haselfoot, barrister, and died 31 January 1929.

11a Hon Frederick Stephen Archibald HANBURY-TRACY, MP for Montgomery 1877–85 and 1886–92, born 15 September 1848, educated at Trinity College Cambridge (BA), married 8 September 1870 Helena Caroline Winnington (died 13 September 1916), only daughter of Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, 4th Baronet and his wife Anna Helena Domvile, and died 9 August 1906, having had issue,

1b Eric Thomas Henry HANBURY-TRACY, OBE (1919), JP Dorset, Major Coldstream Guards, served in Boer War 1809–1902 (Queen’s medal with three clasps, King’s medal with two clasps) and WWI, born 4 July 1871, educated at Eton College, married 6 November 1902 Dorothy Louisa Greathed (died 16 April 1951), youngest daughter of Sir Edward Harris Greathed, KGB, of Uddens House, Dorset, and died 24 May 1953, having had issue,

1c Major Claud Edward Frederick HANBURY-TRACY later HANBURY-TRACY-DOMVILE (deed poll 1961 under terms of will of Sir Compton Domvile), TD, Major RA (TA) WWII, born 11 January 1904, educated at Eton College, and Trinity College Cambridge (BA 1925), married first 6 July 1927 (divorced 1948) Veronica May Cunard (died 1985), daughter of Cyril Grant Cunard, JP (see CUNARD, Bt), and had issue,

1d +DESMOND ANDREW JOHN HANBURY-TRACY, ARICS 1965 (Andrew Hanbury-Tracy Esq, 7 Gainsborough Drive, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 6DS), heir presumptive, born 30 November 1928, educated at Sherborne, and RAC Cirencester, married first 22 June 1957 (divorced 1966) Jennifer Lynn Hodges, only daughter of Dr Richard Christie Hodges, of Elizabethan House, Westgate, Warwick, and has issue,

1e +Nicholas Edward John HANBURY-TRACY, born 13 January 1959, educated at Milton Abbey.

1d (continued) +DESMOND ANDREW JOHN HANBURY-TRACY, married second 4 April 1967 (divorced) Lillian Laurie, daughter of Nathaniel Laurie, and has further issue,

2e +Timothy Christopher Claud HANBURY-TRACY, born 25 March 1968, married 1 June 1996 Anneliese M. Arthur.

1d (continued) +DESMOND ANDREW JOHN HANBURY-TRACY, married third 28 July 1988 Mrs Margaret Cecilia White, daughter of Alfred Henry Marmaduke Purse, MBE.

2d Mary Claudia Elizabeth HANBURY-TRACY (Mrs Robert Cross, West End House, 1 Step Terrace, Winchester S022 5BW), born 19 May 1931, married 25 April 1953 Robert Singlehurst Cross, only son of Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Norman Cross, MC, of Park House, Market Drayton, Shropshire, and has issue,

1e Lucy Cunard CROSS (retains her maiden name), born 1 July 1954, married 31 May 1980 Richard Walter Emanuel, son of Walter Braithwaite Emanuel, of Fulham.

2e Edward Robert CROSS, born 7 October 1956, educated at Charterhouse, and Peterhouse Cambridge (BA 1978).

3e Sylvia Mary CROSS, born 21 March 1961.

4e Anna Elizabeth CROSS, born 31 March 1964.

3d +Charles William Justin HANBURY-TRACY, art historian, born 14 April 1938, educated at Sherborne, married first 8 March 1969 (divorced 1983) Sarah Jane Ashley, younger daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel George Ashley, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), of Rosamondforc Lodge, Aylesbeare, Devon, and has issue,

1e Emily HANBURY-TRACY, born 5 January 1970.

2e +Justin HANBURY-TRACY, born 28 June 1971.

3e +Edward Claud HANBURY-TRACY, born 1976.

1c (continued) Major Claud HANBURY-TRACY-DOMVILE, married second 30 April 1954 Marcella Elizabeth Willis Price (died 26 September 1983), elder daughter of Canon John Willis Price, Rector of Croughton, Northamptonshire, and died 22 February 1987.

2b Edith Julia Helena HANBURY-TRACY, married 25 July 1916 Mar Ramsay Robert Feilden, Loyal Regiment (died 1 April 1956), son of Rev Canon George Ramsay Feilden, and died without issue 24 October 1954.

3b Claud Sudeley Francis HANBURY-TRACY, born 3 November 1873; died 12 May 1874.

4b Cyprienne Emma Madeleine HANBURY-TRACY, OBE (1919), died unmarried 16 April 1954.

5b Violet Mary Claudia HANBURY-TRACY, married 14 August 1900 Sir Wyndham Rowland Dunstan, KCMG, FRS, LLD Aberdeen (died 20 April 1949), son of John Dunstan, Constable and Governor of Chester Castle, and died 6 May 1963, leaving issue.

6b Hilda Adelaide Eleanor HANBURY-TRACY, married 1919 Edward James Heron Maxwell (see HERON-MAXWELL OF SPRINGKELL, Bt), and died 7 June 1962.

7b Gwyneth Rose Coda HANBURY-TRACY, died unmarried 30 October 1903.

12a Hon Hubert George Edward HANBURY-TRACY, DL Bristol, barrister Inner Temple 1880, born 14 August 1855, educated at Eton College, and Christ Church Oxford (BA 1877), and died unmarried 2 November 1940.

The eldest son,

SUDELEY CHARLES GEORGE HANBURY-TRACY, 3RD BARON SUDELEY, Lord Lieutenant of Montgomeryshire 1863–77, Lieutenant Grenadier Guards 1854, Captain 1857–63, Commissioned Street to build the new church at Toddington, born 9 April 1837, educated at Harrow 1850–52, and died unmarried 28 April 1877, when he was succeeded by his younger brother,

CHARLES DOUGLAS RICHARD HANBURY-TRACY, 4TH BARON SUDELEY, PC (10 February 1886), entered the Royal Navy in 1854, serving in the Baltic during the Crimean War  1854–55 and on the China and Pacific stations, was present at the taking of the Bormasund Forts August 1854 and at the action at Fatshan Creek 1 June 1857, Lieutenant 1860, Gunnery Lieutenant of The Shannon  in the Mediterranean 1862–63, Barrister (Inner Temple) 1866, MP (Liberal) for Montgomery 1863–77, responsible (jointly) for two Admiralty Orders in Council in 1876 which effected important reforms of the Royal Navy, represented the Board of Trade and the Office of Works in the House of Lords 1880–85, Chairman of the British Commission at the Electrical Exhibition in Vienna 1884, elected a Fellow of the Royal Society 1885, and an important pioneer in the fruit industry, after 1886, when Joseph Chamberlain, dominant figure in Birmingham where Lloyds Bank originated, left the Whig for the Tory Party, Sudeley and his principal creditor Lord Stalbridge stayed behind as Liberal Unionists, by 1893, despite the agricultural depression, his debt was covered twice over by large assets, nevertheless Lloyds Bank foreclosed, with the creditors themselves in the end receiving no more than sixpence in the pound, much of the fortune which his wife inherited from her uncle Hon Algernon Tollemache, money lender in New Zealand whom had made many settlers into minor gentry, also disappeared under her guarantee of Sudeley’s loan from Lloyds Bank, Sudeley’s position was similar to that of Barings which was not allowed to fall because the Bank of England arranged a sufficient and appropriate period of time should be given for the full settlement of their debts, it appears that he was foreclosed upon for political instead of economic purposes, in consequence of his bankruptcy, Lord Stalbridge, previously Treasurer and Chief Whip of the Liberal Party, had to leave politics and take up instead another career in railways, and was discharged in 1903 from bankruptcy to resume his seat in the House of Lords which he used to provide guide lecturers for museums, born 3 July 1840, married 9 May 1868 Ada Maria Katherine Tollemache (died 6 January 1928), daughter of Hon Frederick James Tollemache, MP (see DYSART, E), and died 9 December 1922, having had issue,

1a Hon Eva Isabella Henrietta HANBURY-TRACY, DBE (1918), born 25 January 1869, married 24 August 1889 Henry Torrens Anstruther, and died 19 June 1935, leaving issue (see ANSTRUTHER OF THAT ILK, Bt).


3a Hon Algernon Henry Charles HANBURY-TRACY, CMG, born 11 April 1871, Brevet Major Reserve Regiment RHG, Uganda Expedition 1897–99 (despatches, medal and clasp), Boer War 1899–1900 (despatches, medal with three clasps) and Abyssinia 1901 (despatches, medal and clasp), Star of Ethiopia, Star of Zanzibar, married 2 December 1905 Sylvia Darley (died 5 September 1958), widow of Sir Windham Robert Carmichael-Anstruther, 9th and 6th Baronet, and daughter of Sir Frederick Darley, GCMG, PC, and died 3 December 1915, having had issue,

1b Hon Ursula Katharine HANBURY-TRACY, JP (Hampshire 1944), granted rank of baron’s daughter 23 February 1933, born 11 April 1909, married first 31 December 1935 Brigadier Claude Nicholson, CB (died as a POW Germany 26/27 June 1943), and had issue (see NICHOLSON OF WINTERBOURNE, B). Hon Ursula Katharine NICHOLSON, married second 4 July 1946 Group Captain Archibald Hugh Herbert MacDonald, AFC, RAF, ADC to the Viceroy of India (died 10 November 1947), son of Archibald MacDonald and his wife Countess Paul Desfontaines de Preux, of Rabat, Morocco.


4a Hon Florence Emma Louisa HANBURY-TRACY, born 11 February 1873, married 24 June 1891 Captain Charles Warden Sergison, DL, Scots Guards, of Cuckfield Park, Sussex (died 20 January 1911), and died 4 November 1911, leaving issue (see SERGISON of Cuckfield).

5a Hon Ida Madeleine Agnes HANBURY-TRACY, born 20 January 1875, married 20 February 1894 Francis Pelham Whitbread, of Knightsbridge and Burford House, Tenbury Wells (which he acquired on marriage) (died 29 October 1941), third son of Samuel Whitbread, of Southill and Cardington, Bedfordshire, and died 29 April 1959, leaving issue.

6a Hon Alice Evelyn Agatha HANBURY-TRACY, born 12 August 1877, married 4 October 1898 Major Bertram William Arnold Keppel (born 12 January 1876; died 23 May 1949), only son of Lieutenant-Colonel William Henry Augustus KEPPEL, of Lexham Hall, Norfolk and his wife Hon Charlotte Elizabeth Eleanor Fraser (see Saltoun, L), and died 5 November 1955, leaving issue (see ALBEMARLE, E).

7a Hon Rhona Margaret Ada HANBURY-TRACY, born 13 July 1879, married 17 August 1905 Colonel Bertram Abel Smith, DSO, MC, of Cossington, Leicestershire (died 21 September 1947), youngest son of Robert Smith, of Goldings, Hertfordshire, and died 22 May 1926, leaving issue.

8a Hon Felix Charles Hubert HANBURY-TRACY, Lieutenant Scots Guards, born 27 July 1882, married 11 June 1908 Madeleine Llewellyn Palmer (born 1886, married second 6 June 1929 Captain Caryl Liddell Hargreaves, Scots Guards (died 26 November 1955), son of Reginald Gervis Hargreaves, of Cuffnells, and died 5 August 1958, leaving further issue), only daughter of Brigadier-General George Llewellen Palmer, CB, JP, DL, TD, of Lackham, Lacock, Wiltshire and his wife Louie Madeleine Gouldsmith, and was killed in action 19 December 1914, having had issue,

1b Michael David Charles HANBURY-TRACY, Captain Scots Guards WWII, born 29 March 1909, married 3 November 1937 Colline Amabel St Hill, widow of Lieutenant-Colonel Frank King, DSO, OBE, 4th Hussars, and only daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Collis George Herbert St Hill, Royal Devon Yeomanry, and died of wounds received at Dunkirk 22 August 1940, having had issue,

1c MERLIN CHARLES SAINTHILL HANBURY-TRACY, 7th and present Baron Sudeley, see above.

2b Ninian John Frederick HANBURY-TRACY, explorer, author of The Black River of Tibet, Sudan Political Sery 1933–34, Scots Guards 1939–41 (invalided) and IA Special Forces 1944–46, FRGS, born 7 December 1910, educated at Eton College, and Trinity College Cambridge (MA), married first 11 January 1935 (divorced 1954) Hon Blanche Mary Arundell (born 5 December 1908; died 1993), elder daughter of Gerald Arthur Arundell, 15th Baron Arundell of Wardour and his wife Ivy Florence Mary Segrave, and had issue,

1c Jennifer Avril Mary HANBURY-TRACY (Mrs Martin Morland, 50 Britannia Road, London SW6 2JP), born 24 May 1941, married 6 June 1964 Martin Robert Morland, CMG, Ambassador to Burma 1986–90 (born 23 September 1933), eldest son of Sir Oscar Charles Morland, GBE, KCMG, of The High Hall, Thornton-le-Dale, Yorkshire, and has issue,

1d William Morland, born 1965.

2d Catherine Mary Morland, born 1966.

3d Anthony Morland, born 1967.

2b (continued) Ninian John Frederick HANBURY-TRACY, married second 10 August 1954 Daphne Mary Christian Henry (died 27 May 1983), widow of Major Charles Scott, MC, of Little Place, Pool Hill, Newent, Gloucestershire, formerly wife of Guy William John Farquhar (see FARQUHAR, Bt), and second daughter of Colonel Vivian Henry, CB (see MILBANK, Bt), and died 25 June 1971.

The eldest son,

WILLIAM CHARLES FREDERICK HANBURY-TRACY, 5th Baron SudeleY, JP (Gloucestershire and Warwickshire), Captain Irish Guards SR WWI, Royal Humane Society’s Medal, born 19 April 1870, educated at Harrow, and Trinity College Cambridge, married 24 August 1905 (divorced 1922) Edith Celandine Cecil (married second 26 September 1922 Eric Henri Kennington, RA (died 13 April 1960), and died 1975), third and youngest daughter of Lieutenant Francis Horace Pierrepont Cecil, RN and his wife Edith Brooks (see EXETER, M), and died without issue 5 September 1932, when he was succeeded by his nephew,

RICHARD ALGERNON FREDERICK HANBURY-TRACY, 6th Baron SudeleY, Major RHG WWII, born 20 April 1911, married 30 November 1940 Elizabeth Mary Bromley (Lady Collins, Kirkman Bank, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire HG5 9BT) (born 13 May 1919, married second 27 October 1965 Major Sir Arthur James Robert Collins, KCVO, RHG (died 28 December 2000), only son of Colonel William Fellowes Collins, DSO, JP, DL, of Knaresborough), third daughter of Rear-Admiral Sir Arthur Bromley, 8th Baronet, KCMG, KCVO and his wife Laura Mary Dunsmuir (see BROMLEY, Bt), and died on active service at sea without issue 26 August 1941, when he was succeeded by his first cousin once removed (see above).

Lineage of Tracy: Ralph de Gouy, COUNT OF AMIENS, VALOIS and VEXIN, son of Hucbald, Count of Ostrevant and his wife Heilwise, daughter of  Eberhard, Count of Friuli (died 16 December 866) and his wife Gisela, daughter of Louis the Pious, Holy Roman Emperor 813–40, son of Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor 800–14, and died 926, having had issue,

1a Ralph, Count OF VALOIS, died 943.


The younger son,

WALTER I, COUNT OF AMIENS, VALOIS and VEXIN, married Adela, daughter of Fulk I, Count of Anjou, and died 992–98, having had with other issue,


The eldest son,

WALTER II the White, COUNT OF AMIENS, VALOIS AND VEXIN, founded the Abbey at Crepy-en-Valois in 1008, and died 1017–24, having had issue,


2a Ralph, Count OF VALOIS, died 1038.

The elder son,

DROGO, COUNT OF AMIENS AND VEXIN, married Godgifu, daughter of  Ӕthelred II The Unready, King of England 979–1013 and 1014–1016 and his second wife Emma, eldest daughter of Richard I the Fearless, Duke OF NORMANDY 942–96, and died 1035, having had with other issue,

1a RALPH, see below.

The second son,

RALPH, became a principal figure in English affairs after Godgifu’s brother inherited the English Throne in 1042, he succeeded to the Earldoms of the two shires of Oxford and Herefordshire, he was one of the two commanders of the English fleet which failed to prevent Godwine’s return from exile, he raised a large army to repel an invasion from Wales by the Welsh Prince, Gruffydd ap Llewelyn and the exiled Earl Aelfgar of Mercia in 1055, when the two armies met outside Hereford, the Englishmen under his command fled because they were expected to fight like Normans on horseback, he is considered in Herefordshire to be ‘the real founder of the system of organised castle building’ developed by the Normans, the Domesday Book shows he was a substantial landowner in the East Midlands, and he also held the Lordship of Chilvers Coton in Warwickshire, and Sudeley and Toddington in Gloucestershire, married Getha, and died 1057, having had issue,

1a HAROLD DE SUDELEY, see below.

The son,

HAROLD DE SUDELEY, a minor in the custody of St Edward III the Confessor, King of England’s widow Queen Edith in 1066, inherited only his father’s estates in Warwickshire and Gloucestershire, between 1086–1100 he was granted the Lordship and Castle of Ewias in Herefordshire plus properties of Alfred of Marlborough, including Lydiard in Wiltshire, to consolidate his hold upon Ewias he founded a small Benedictine priory there in 1100, he was also a substantial benefactor of St Peter’s, Gloucester, and initiated a family tradition of patronage of the monastery at Winchcombe, Gloucestershire to which he granted half a hide of land, married Matilda, possibly a daughter of Hugh, Earl of Chester, and had issue,

1a Robert DE SUDELEY of Ewyas, inherited estates in Herefordshire and Wiltshire.

2a John DE SUDELEY, see below.

The younger son,

John de Sudeley, was probably on the fringes of court circles in the reign of Henry I, King of England, married Grace de Tracy, daughter of William de Tracy, a natural son of Henry I Beauclerc, King of England 1100–35, although he gave his support to Stephen, King of England in the years immediately after the latter’s accession, the landing of Matilda in England in 1139 caused Sudeley to reconsider his position, and he joined Robert of Gloucester, a benefactor of Winchcombe, he also gave land at Greet and Gretton to the Templars, and died circa 1140, having had issue,

1a RALPH DE SUDELEY, see below.

2a William DE TRACY, see below.

The elder son,

Ralph de Sudeley, took little part in public affairs, a benefactor of Winchcombe, St Peter’s at Gloucester and the Templars, he founded a small Augustinian priory at Arbury, Warwickshire before December 1159, married Emma, and died 1192, having had issue,

1a Otuel de sudeley, see below.

2a SIR RALPH DE SUDELEY, see below.

The elder son,

Otuel DE Sudeley, paid 20 marks’ relief to enter upon his father’s lands, in 1197 he was temporarily deprived of them, because the knight he had undertaken to provide for the king’s army in Normandy was not found at his post, and had to pay £40 for repossession, a benefactor of Winchcombe, bequeathing his body to the abbey for burial, along with lands in Greet to finance a light at the mass of the Blessed Virgin, married Margaret, and died without issue 1198, when he was succeeded by his younger brother,

Sir Ralph de Sudeley, was fiscally more hardly dealt with than his brother had been, having to pay £160 for his brother’s lands, and also having to pay his £40 fine, having cleared his debts by 1201, he paid scutage in 1202 and 1203 at the rate of 10 marks for his three knights’ fees, but in 1204 and 1205 at a rate twice as high, served in the army mustered in Kent in 1212 to meet a threatened French invasion, but took no recorded part in the civil wars at the end of the reign of John, King of England, knighted by 1215, married Isabella, and died before 26 February 1222, having had issue,

1a SIR RALPH DE SUDELEY, see below.

The son,

Sir Ralph de Sudeley, paid a relief of £100 for his father’s lands, showing that they constituted a barony, as defined by clause 2 ofMagna Carta, ordered to assume knighthood in 1225, he took an active part in local administration, serving as a tax assessor and collector, a commissioner for the assize of arms, and a justice of assize and gaol delivery, all in Gloucestershire, at a national level, served as a justice itinerant on the circuit of eyres in northern and central England 1239–41 headed by Robert of Lexinton, married Imenia, possibly a member of the Corbet family, and died early in 1242, having had issue,


The son,

Sir Bartholomew DE Sudeley, was a minor in 1248, married 8 September 1254 Joan de Beauchamp, daughter of William de Beauchamp, of Elmley, Hereditary Sheriff of Worcestershire, a match which brought him the manor of Fairfield, he gained increasing favour at the royal court in the 1260s, summoned to the muster of the king’s army at Oxford March 1264, granted a market and fair at Burton Dassett 1267, and free warren on his demesnes at Sudeley and at Chilvers Coton, Warwickshire, party to the transactions which deprived Robert Ferrers, Earl of Derby of his lands, transferring them to the king’s second son Edmund of Cornwall 9 July 1269, by 1270 a knight, Sheriff of Herefordshire 1270–74, he received gifts of deer from both Henry III, King of England and Edward I, King of England, his services to the latter were primarily fiscal, as a justice dealing with offences against the coinage and implementing measures against the Jews, other commissions included inquiring into official malpractices in Warwickshire in March 1278, present at the meeting of the king’s council at which action against Llewelyn was decided upon November 1276, commissioned to take oaths for the keeping of the peace between the Welsh prince and the English king in summer 1278, present at Westminster when the king of Scots did homage to Edward I, King of England Michaelmas 1278, he was still active in November 1279, but had died by June 1280, having had issue,


The son,

John Sudeley, 1ST Lord (BAron) SU(DE)LEY(E), born circa 1258, was of age at his father’s death, summoned to perform military service in Wales in 1282–83, he was a knight of the king’s household in 1285, and received gifts of deer from Edward I, King of England in 1284 and 1290, he went to Wales on the king’s order in November 1287, which service to the crown he found an expensive privilege, for he ran heavily into debt, and had to raise money by borrowing from creditors who included Italian merchants and the abbot of Winchcombe, nevertheless he served in Gascony in 1295 (when his ship was holed by a stone from a catapult as it approached Bordeaux), and again in 1298, and campaigned in Scotland in 1304 and 1307, by the latter date he had become the king’s chamberlain, he received a personal summons to Parliament (regularly repeated thereafter) 29 December 1299 and by later doctrine is deemed to have been thus created 1st Lord (Baron) Sudeley in the English Peerage by his writ of summons, and died by 18 April 1336, having had issue,

1a Bartholomew DE SUDELEY, married Maud de Montfort, daughter of John de Montfort, and had issue,


The grandson,

JOHN DE SUDELEY, 2ND LORD (Baron) SU(DE)LEY(E), not called to Parliament, born circa 1304–05, married Eleanor de Scales, possibly daughter of Robert DE SCALES, 2nd Lord (Baron) Scales, and died by 19 February 1339–40, having had issue,

1a SIR JOHN DE SUDELEY, 3RD LORD (Baron) SU(DE)LEY(E), see below.

2a Joan DE SUDELEY, married Sir William Boteler, of Wem, Shropshire, possibly son or grandson of William Boteler, of Wem, Shropshire, having had issue,

1b Thomas BOTELER, notional 4th Lord (Baron) Su(de)ley(e), not called to Parliament, born circa 1354, married by 18 July 1385 Alice BEAUCHAMP (died 1443), possibly daughter of Sir John Beauchamp, of Powick, and died 21 September 1398, having had issue,

1c John BOTELER, notional 5th Lord (Baron) Su(de)ley(e), died unmarried by 1410.

2c William BOTELER, notional 6th Lord (Baron) Su(de)ley(e), married Alice, and died by 20 December 1417.

3c Sir Ralph BOTELER, 1st and last Baron Sudeley, KG, notional 7th Lord (Baron) Su(de)ley(e), but the impossibility of his holding any such status in contemporary eyes is shown by his being created by patent 10 September 1441 Baron Sudeley, County Gloucester, recorded in 1418 as a knight intending to cross to France, in the English forces that landed at Harfleur in 1420 he captained a company of 20 men at arms and 60 archers, Captain of the royal garrisons of Eu, Monceaux and Guillemcourt 1421–22, he took part in the military campaigns led by John, Duke of Bedford following the death Henry V, King of England, Bailli of Caux 1423, and engaged as leader in the siege of Le Crotoy (finally taken in 1424), becoming Captain of that town and of Arques, Councillor to Henry VI, King of England 1423, Captain of the Bastille in Paris 1428–29, Chamber knight of the king 1439, part of the king’s bodyguard at his coronation in Notre Dame, Paris in 1431, Constable and Steward of Kenilworth Castle (part of the Duchy of Lancaster) 1433, Butler of the Royal Household 1435, Constable of Conwy Castle 1436, Chamberlain of  South Wales 1437, received the usual marks of royal favour, like wardships and offices, and became a feoffee of the Duchy of Lancaster estates, as his wealth increased he rebuilt Sudeley Castle, Garter Knight by 1440, Chamberlain of the King’s Household 1441, Treasurer of England 1443–46, Steward of the Royal Household from the Battle of St Albans in 1455, fell out of national politics after the accession of Edward IV, King of England in 1461, supported the temporary re-adoption of Henry VI, King of England in 1470–71, on Edward IV, King of England’s recovery of the throne his arrest was ordered, but died in full possession of his estates, born circa 1394, married first circa 6 July 1419 Elizabeth (died 1462), widow of John Hende, Mayor of London. Sir Ralph BOTELER, Baron Sudeley, married second circa 8 January 1463 Alice DEINCOURT (died 1474), widow of William LOVEL, 7th Lord Lovel, of Titchmarsh, and younger daughter of Sir John DEINCOURT, 5th Baron Deincourt, and died 1473, when the Barony of 1441 expired, but the notional one of 1299 would by later doctrine have been deemed to have fallen into abeyance between his sister’s issue, having had issue,

1d Sir Thomas BOTELER, married 1449 Lady Eleanor TAlbot (born circa 1436; died 30 June 1468), elder daughter of John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford and his second wife Lady Margaret Beauchamp, and died without issue between 1450 and 1468.

4c Elizabeth BOTELER, married Norbury, and had issue,

1d Sir Henry NORBURY, and had issue,

1e John NORBURY, co-heir in 1473 to the 1299 Barony of Su(de)ley(e).

2d Joan NORBURY, married Hamon Belknap, and had issue,

1e William BELKNAP, co-heir in 1473 to the 1299 Barony of Su(de)ley(e).

3a Margery DE SUDELEY, born circa 1337, married after 11 August 1367 Sir Robert Massey, and died without issue by 1379, when the abeyance of 1367 was naturally terminated.

The only son,

SIR JOHN DE SUDELEY, 3RD LORD (Baron) SU(DE)LEY(E), not called to Parliament, served in Gascony 1364 during the Hundred Years War, knighted by 1367, born circa 1337–38, and died without issue 11 August 1367.

The younger son of John de Sudeley (see above),

William de Tracy, of Toddington, Gloucestershire, the principal picture in the pedigree roll of the Sudeley family is the murder of St Thomas Becket by William de Tracy who held the Barony of Bradninch near Exeter, he was the son or more probably the nephew of Henry de Tracy, of Barnstaple charged with defending the interests of Stephen, King of England in the West Country against the Empress Matilda, holding their Norman lands from King Stephen’s county of Mortain, the Tracys took their name from the hamlet of Vire in Normandy, he surrendered to his elder brother Ralph de Sudeley his inheritance of Burton Dassett, Warwickshire and in exchange received Toddington, Gloucestershire which remained with his descendants the Tracy family until 1893, he presented another gift of his brother, the manor of Thaneworth, to Gloucester Abbey, and had issue,

1a HENRY DE TRACY, see below.

2a Alard DE TRACY, Rector of Toddington.

The younger son,

HENRY DE TRACY, married Hawise, named with her husband in a grant by their grandson in 1230, and had issue,

1a Oliver de Tracy, living 1201–04, and had issue,

1b Henry DE TRACY, living 1230.

2a WILLIAM DE TRACY, see below.

The younger son,

WILLIAM DE TRACY, Retainer to the de Clares, Earls of Gloucester, Escheator in Gloucestershire 1247–52, lands in North Piddle, Worcestershire granted to him and his wife circa 1250, appointed one of the justices to deliver the gaol at Gloucester 5 April 1260, imprisoned as the sheriff nominated by the Barons 1262, appointed Constable of Gloucester 1 September 1264, fought on the royalist side at Evesham in 1265, pardoned and had his lands restored to him as one of the adherents of Simon de Montfort 20 June 1268, presented Peter de Tracy to the living of Toddington in 1269, married Margery, and had issue,

1a SIR JOHN DE TRACY, see below.

The son,

SIR JOHN DE TRACY, of Toddington, held lands in North Piddle which were sold to his father quitclaimed to him 26 June 1275, married Margery, named in a deed granting the wardship of their children to Master Thomas de Sodinton, who was to pay her dower, and died before 1287, having had issue,

1a John de Tracy.

2a SIR WILLIAM DE TRACY, see below.

The younger son,

SIR WILLIAM DE TRACY, of Toddington, MP 1332, Sheriff 1319, 1325, following the death at Bannockburn of the last of the de Clares, Earls of Gloucester, who had been the previous patrons of the Tracy family, became retainer to the Lords of Berkeley, held half a fee in Doynton, Gloucestershire 1303 and named as Lord there and of Burgate with Ford Hundred, Hampshire in 1316, in commission to hear and determine trespasses in the chase of Kingswood, Gloucestershire 17 September 1331, a minor on his father’s death, wardship and marriage sold by John de Sudeley to Master Thomas de Sodinton, leased his lands in North Piddle 29 March 1338, married Joan, named in a quitclaim to her son by Edmund de Rivers, her kinsman, of the land in North Piddle, reciting her husband and son’s descent from William Tracy of Toddington 22 July 1368, and died circa 1352, having had issue,

1a SIR JOHN DE TRACY, see below.

2a William de Tracy, presented to the living of Toddington by his father, Rector of Toddington 1351, when he was so named in a Papal indult.

The elder son,

SIR JOHN DE TRACY, of Toddington, MP 1358, 1363, 1368, 1369, Sheriff 1363, 1365, 1369, 1370, 1378, and may on occasion have used his office of sheriff to ease his return as MP, retainer to the Lords of Berkeley, accompanied Sir Maurice de Berkeley on the Crecy-Calais campaign in 1346–47 and was knighted during the siege which delivered the town into English hands, Collector of the 15th and the 10th in Gloucestershire 26 January 1353, presented John le Veye to Doynton Chapel 1348, leased lands in North Piddle 1352 and 1370–72 and quitclaim to them as heir of his great-grandfather 1368 by Edmund de Rivers, held the Lordship of Toddington of Sir John Sudeley in 1367 and the Manor of Worminghale, Buckinghamshire in 1375, granted the advowson of Toddington to Hailes Abbey 1363–65, last named as Collector of the 10th in Worcester 16 November 1388, and died circa 1389, having had issue,

1a SIR WILLIAM TRACY, see below.

The son,

SIR WILLIAM TRACY, of Toddington, Sheriff 1394 and 1417, retainer to the Lords of Berkeley, Collector of Subsidy in Gloucestershire 1404 and 1420, enfeoffed with others with the reversion of lands in Great Tew, Oxfordshire and quitclaimed this 1404–08, married Alice de Spine (married second Edmund Giffard), daughter of Sir Guy de Spine, of Coughton, Warwickshire (see THROCKMORTON, Bt), and died circa 1420, having had issue,

1a WILLIAM TRACY, see below.

2a John Tracy, of North Piddle, which he leased from his father 1424, and bought further land there 1444–49, married Agnes, and died circa 1458, having had issue,

1b William Tracy.

2b John Tracy.

3b Roger Tracy.

4b Florence Tracy.

5b Joyce Tracy.

3a Thomas Tracy, living 4 April 1408.

4a Robert Tracy, living 4 April 1408.

The eldest son,

WILLIAM TRACY, born 1395, MP 1419, 1442, Sheriff 1420, 1443-4, 1450–51, named with his parents in a lease of lands in North Piddle to his brother John Tracy 14 January 1424, Escheator in Gloucestershire 1420–21, sworn to the peace in Gloucester 1434, Collector of the 10th and 15th in Gloucester in 1442, Commissioner June 1446, pardoned 20 January 1458, married Margery Pauncefote, daughter of Sir John Pauncefote, and died between 27 March 1458 and 5 December 1460, having had issue,

1a HENRY TRACY, see below.

2a Richard Tracy.

The elder son,

HENRY TRACY, discharged his uncle of rents in North Piddle 4 October 1447, married Alice Baldington, daughter of Thomas Baldington, of Adderbury, Oxfordshire, and died before 5 February 1506, having had issue,

1a SIR WILLIAM TRACY, see below.

2a Richard Tracy.

3a Ralph Tracy.

The eldest son,

SIR WILLIAM TRACY, served as sheriff of Gloucestershire in 1513 and on numerous commissions of the peace, acquainted with William Tyndale, who declared him to be more learned than anyone in the works of St Augustine, made his will in 1530, declaring defiantly that he hoped to be saved by faith in Christ alone, when this unorthodox will came to be proved in Convocation, it was not surprisingly judged heretical, and orders were given to remove his body from consecrated soil, the Church might try a heretic, but because the Church could not shed any blood, the sentence of burning him, no matter whether dead or alive, had to be left to the secular arm, so when the Provost of the Diocese of Worcester who exhumed his body overstepping his authority by burning it, he was fined £300, four years later his will was published in Antwerp with commentaries by William Tyndale and John Frith, new editions of the will were published in 1546 and 1548, and their influence can be seen in the wording of a number of wills written all over England between 1548 and 1640, married Margaret Throckmorton, daughter of Sir Thomas Throckmorton, of Corse Court, Gloucestershire (see THROCKMORTON, Bt), and died circa 1530, having had with other issue,

1a WILLIAM TRACY, see below.

2a Richard TRACY, of Stanway, Gloucestershire, MP for Wootton Bassett 1529, educated at Oxford, admitted to Inner Temple 1519, Master of the Revels, Inner Temple 1519, Butler 1530–34, Steward 1535–37, Governor 1549–50, JP Worcestershire 1537–47, Gloucester 1547, 1558–69, Commissioner, musters, Worcestershire 1546, chantries Gloucester, Bristol and Gloucester 1548, relief Worcestershire 1550, escheator in Gloucestershire 1547–48, sheriff 1560–61, in 1533 he used his influence with Thomas Cromwell to obtain from Abbot Seagar of Tewkesbury a lease on Stanway, Gloucester, sat on the commission which examined the authenticity of the Blood of Hailes Abbey, Gloucester, took the relic to London where it was exhibited by Hilsey in a sermon a St Paul’s Cross, attacking the cult of relics, author of The proof and declaration of this proposition, Faith alone justifieth 1540, Of the preparation to the Cross and to Death 1540, Supplication to our most Sovereign Lord King Henry VIII 1544, his publications were banned in 1546 together with those of other Protestant authors, on the accession of HM Edward VI, King of England this ban lapsed and published A brief and short declaration made whereby every Christian man may know what is a Sacrament in 1548 in which he opposed Transubstantiation, imprisoned in the Tower of London 1551–52, and under HM Mary, Queen of England he was removed from the bench for Gloucester and Worcester because of his religious views, on the accession of HM Elizabeth, Queen of England he was restored to the bench, married by 1547 Barbara LUCY, daughter of Thomas Lucy, of Charlecote, Warwickshire (see RAMSAY-FAIRFAX-LUCY, Bt), and died 1569, having had issue,

1b Sir Paul TRACY, 1st Baronet, so created 9 June 1611, of Stanway, Gloucestershire, Sheriff of Gloucester 1586–87, born circa 1550, married first circa 1580 Anne Shakerley, daughter of Ralph Shakerley, of Aynhoe, Northamptonshire, and had issue,

1c Sir Richard TRACY, 2nd Baronet, of Stanway, Gloucestershire, knighted 1603, Sheriff of Gloucester 1628–29, born circa 1581, educated at Queen’s College Oxford, and Middle Temple, married circa 20 July 1603 Anne Coningsby, third daughter of Sir Thomas Coningsby, of Hampton Court, Herefordshire, and was buried 25 August 1637, having had issue,

1d Sir HUMPHREY TRACY, 3rd Baronet, of Stanway, Gloucestershire, Sheriff of Gloucester 1639–40, royalist during the Civil War when his estates were sequestrated, born circa 1611, educated at Queen’s College Oxford, and Middle Temple, married Elizabeth, and was buried 15  January  1657–58, having had with other issue,

1e Sir Richard TRACY, 4th Baronet, of Stanway, Gloucestershire, and died unmarried without issue (buried 6 July 1666).

2d Sir John TRACY, 5th and last Baronet, of Stanway, Gloucestershire, which estate he left to Hon Ferdinando Tracy (see below), baptised 3 August 1612, married by 10 September 1663 Juliana de la Fontaine, daughter of Sir Erasmus de la Fontaine, and died without issue 28 February 1677/78, when the baronetcy expired.

1b (continued) Sir Paul TRACY, 1st Baronet, married second 19 August 1619 Anne Nicholas, widow of William Dutton, and daughter of Sir Ambrose Nicholas, Lord Mayor of London 1575, and died 4 March 1625/26.

2b Samuel TRACY, of Clifford Priory, Herefordshire, leaving issue (his great-grandson Samuel Tracy was living unmarried aged 29 in 1683).

3a Robert TRACY, died without issue.

The eldest son,

WILLIAM TRACY, of Toddington, married Agnes DIGBY, daughter of Sir Simon Digby, of Coleshill, Warwickshire (see DIGBY, B), and had issue,

1a JOHN TRACY, see below.

The son,

JOHN TRACY, of Toddington, married Elizabeth Brydges, daughter of John Brydges, 1st Baron Chandos of Sudeley (see CHANDOS, V) and his wife Elizabeth Grey, and died 1551, having had issue,

1a SIR JOHN TRACY, see below.

2a Anne TRACY.

3a Giles TRACY.

4a Edward TRACY.

5a Francis TRACY.

6a Nicholas TRACY.

7a Eleanor TRACY.

8a Ursula TRACY.

The eldest son,

SIR JOHN TRACY, MP 1584, Sheriff 1578–79, JP Gloucester from 1564, ecclesiastical commissioner 1575, commissioner to inquire into the decay of the cloth trade in Gloucestershire 1577, piracy 1578, and recusancy 1580, led the Gloucester levies in Armada year, married Anne THROCKMORTON, daughter of Sir Thomas Throckmorton, of Tortworth, Gloucestershire (see THROCKMORTON, Bt), and died 25 September 1591, having had issue,


2a Thomas Tracy.

3a William Tracy, acquired a quarter share of the Virginia Company 1620, which granted him a commission for a voyage to Virginia in their ship The Supply, and died 1621, having had issue,

1b Joyce TRACY, married Captain Nathaniel Powell (died in Indian massacre 22 March 1622), briefly acting Governor of the State of Virginia in 1618, and died in Indian massacre 22 March 1622.

4a Anthony Tracy.

The eldest son,

SIR JOHN TRACY, 1ST VISCOUNT AND BARON TRACY, of Rathcoole, County Dublin, so created 12 January 1642/3, the Letters Patent which created this Irish Peerage state ‘When men, glittering with the splendour of their virtue, the nobility of their ancestors and the amplitude of their fortunes, are raised to honours and are rendered illustrious, we think that the position of our Royal Dignity is adorned and advanced; hence we also discover that industry and all manner of virtues are greatly promoted and increased: that we, seriously weighing these matters, have looked with our royal eye upon the merits of that most illustrious man, John Tracy, of Toddington in our County of Gloucester, Knight, whose virtue is not only most eminent, but also the splendour of his descent, celebrated by an ancient line of ancestors, enriches him also with a sufficient ample patrimony to support respectably the rank of nobility’, MP 1597, Sheriff 1609–10, took part in the expedition to Normandy August 1591 under the Earl of Essex, by whom he was knighted at the siege of Rouen 8 October 1591, JP Gloucester from circa 1591, Commissioner to inquire into the wool trade 1622, Commissioner to examine waste in the Forest of Dean caused by ironworks 1618, Commissioner to inquire into the wool trade 1622, purchased Hailes Abbey Gloucester, Commissioned the Four Seasons Tapestries in 1611 now at Hatfield House, his estates were sequestered in 1644 on account of his support for the King, educated at Inner Temple 1580, married circa 1590 Anne SHIRLEY (born 23 December 1573), fifth daughter of Sir Thomas Shirley, of Wiston, Sussex and his wife Anne Kempe, and died between 7 May 1647 and 14 February 1648, having had issue,


The son,

SIR ROBERT TRACY, 2ND VISCOUNT AND BARON TRACY, MP 1621, 1626, 1640, born circa 1593, knighted at Theobalds 20 October 1616, had a pass to travel overseas for three years 30 November 1617, DL Gloucester 1628–42 and 1660–62, commissioner, martial law 1628, oyer and terminer Gloucester 1628, Oxford circuit 1642, JP Gloucester 1633–36, 1642–46, 1660, Liberty of Slaughter 1634, commissioner, gaol delivery, Slaughter 1636–37, Avon navigation 1636, assessment Gloucester 1641–43, array 1642, contribution 1643, rebel’s estates 1643, accounts 1644, Commissioner for the King at the taking of Cirencester 1642–43 and the siege of Gloucester 1643, having surrendered to Colonel Massey about 1644–45 he was compounded for his delinquency 27 February 1647, after taking the oath of fealty to the Government 19 March 1650 he paid £2,000 as composition for his delinquency in 1651 and was discharged by Act of Pardon 2 April 1652, educated at Middle Temple 1610, Queen’s College Oxford 1610, married first Bridget LYTTELTON, third daughter of John Lyttelton, of Frankley Court, Worcestershire and his wife Meril Bromley (see COBHAM, V), and had issue,


2a Hon Horace Tracy, baptised 28 June 1618.

3a Hon Robert Tracy, died without issue.

4a Hon Thomas Tracy, died without issue.

5a Hon William Tracy, died without issue.

6a Hon Anne Tracy, married William Somerville, of Edston, Warwickshire, and had issue.

7a Hon Meriel Tracy, married Sir William Poole, of Saperton, Oxfordshire.

8a Hon Frances Tracy, married Dr Hinckley.

9a Hon Mary Tracy, died unmarried.

(continued) SIR ROBERT TRACY, 2ND VISCOUNT AND BARON TRACY, married second Dorothy COCKS (died 1685), daughter of Thomas Cocks, of Castleditch, Herefordshire and his wife Anne Elton, and was buried at Toddington 11 May 1662, having had further issue,

10a Hon Robert Tracy, of Coscombe, Gloucestershire, second justice of the King’s Bench in Ireland 1699, Baron of the English Exchequer 1700, Puisne Justice of the Court of Common Pleas 1700, appointed as a puisne justice by the House of Lords to the Law (Defects) Committee 1706, whose labours resulted in important judicial reforms, one of the judges appointed for a few days as temporary commissioners of the Great Seal in 1710 and 1718, tried the case of Edward Arnold shooting at Lord Onslow in 1724 under the Black Act of 9 George I (1723) which achieved considerable notoriety by the number of capital offences which it appeared to have created, born 1655, married Anne DOWDESWELL, daughter of William Dowdeswell, of Pool Court, Worcestershire, and died 11 September 1735, having had issue,

1b Richard Tracy, of Coscomb, Gloucestershire, married Margaret Salusbury, daughter of Owen Salusbury, of Rug, Merioneth, and died 1734, having had issue,

1c Robert Tracy, of Coscomb, Gloucestershire, died without issue 1756.

2b Robert Tracy, of the Middle Temple, London, barrister, died 1732.

3b William Tracy, baptised 22 February 1692/3.

4b Dorothy Tracy, married John Pratt.

5b Anne Tracy, married first Charles Dowdeswell, of Forthampton Court, Gloucestershire. Anne DOWDESWELL, married second Charles Wild.

11a Hon Benjamin Tracy.

12a Hon Dorothy Tracy, married William Higford, of Dixton, Gloucestershire.

The eldest son,

JOHN TRACY, 3RD VISCOUNT AND BARON TRACY, had a licence to travel overseas for three years 24 June 1636, born 1617, educated at Lincoln College Oxford (matriculated 13 December 1633), married circa 1655 Elizabeth LEIGH (died 20 September 1688, buried at Toddington), daughter and co-heir of Thomas Leigh, 1st Baron Leigh, of Stoneleigh, Warwickshire and his wife Mary Egerton (see LEIGH, B), and died 8 March 1686/7 (buried at Toddington), having had issue,


2a Hon Charles Tracy, died 3 May 1676.

3a Hon Ferdinando Tracy, of Stanway, Gloucestershire, inherited from Sir John Tracy, 5th and last Baronet of Stanway (see above), married 1680 Katherine KECK (married second 1686 Edward Chute, of The Vyne), eldest daughter of Sir Anthony Keck, MP, of Mickleton, Gloucestershire, and Great Tew, Oxfordshire, a Commissioner of the Great Seal and his wife Mary Thorne, and had issue,

1b Ferdinando TRACY, died 1682.

2b John TRACY, of Stanway, Gloucestershire, married Anne ATKINS, only daughter of Sir Robert ATKINS, of Saperton, Oxfordshire, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, and died 1735, having had issue,

1c Robert Tracy, MP, born 1706, married Anna Maria Hudson, and died without issue 1767.

2c John Atkins Tracy later Tracy-Keck, Cursitor Baron of the Exchequer, inherited the estate of Great Tew, Oxfordshire from his great-uncle Francis Keck in 1773, married 1735 Katherine Lindsay (died 1788).

3c Anthony TRACY later TRACY-KECK, of Great Tew, Oxfordshire, born circa 1725, married 3 August 1736 Lady Susan Hamilton (born 26 September 1706; died 3 June 1755), fourth and youngest daughter of Lieutenant General James Hamilton, 4th Duke of Hamilton and 1st Duke of Brandon, KG, KT and his second wife Hon Elizabeth Gerard, and died 30 May 1769, having had issue,

1d Henrietta Charlotte Tracy-Keck, of Stanway, Gloucestershire, Maid of Honour to HM Queen Charlotte, married 2 June 1774 Sir Edward Devereux, 12th Viscount Hereford (born 19 February 1741; died without issue 1 August 1783), elder son of Sir Edward Devereux, 11th Viscount Hereford and his wife Catherine Mytton (see HEREFORD, V), and died without issue 23 June 1817.

2d Susan Tracy-Keck, of Stanway, Gloucestershire, married 18 July 1771 Francis Wemyss Charteris, Lord Elcho (born 31 January 1749; died 20 January 1808), only son of Francis WEMYSS later Charteris, 7th Earl of Wemyss and his wife Lady Catherine Gordon, and died 25 February 1835, leaving issue (see WEMYSS AND MARCH, E).

4c Thomas Tracy, MP, of Sandywell.

5c Anne Tracy, married John Travell.

6c Frances Tracy, married Colonel Gustavus Guy Dickens.

The eldest son,

WILLIAM TRACY, 4TH VISCOUNT AND BARON TRACY, born circa 1657, married first 12 July 1679 Hon Frances Devereux (born circa 1659; died 20 March 1687/8, buried at Toddington), younger daughter of Leicester Devereux, 6th Viscount Hereford and his first wife Elizabeth Withipole (see HEREFORD, V), and had issue,

1a Hon Elizabeth TRACY, born 19 March 1679/80, married first 11 November 1704 Robert Burdett, of Bramcote, Warwickshire (died 2 January 1715/6), eldest son and heir of Sir Robert Burdett, 3rd Baronet, of Foremark, Derbyshire and his second wife Magdalen Aston, and had issue. Hon Elizabeth BURDETT, married second 1716 Robert Holden, of Aston, Derbyshire (died 17 June 1746), and died 27 May 1747, leaving further issue.

(continued) WILLIAM TRACY, 4TH VISCOUNT AND BARON TRACY, married second 30 August 1688, his cousin, Jane LEIGH (born circa 1665; died 25 January 1707/8, buried at Toddington), third daughter of Hon Sir Thomas Leigh, of Hamstall Ridware, Staffordshire and his second wife Hon Jane FitzMaurice, and died 18 April 1712 (buried at Toddington), having had further issue,


3a Hon Anne Tracy, married Sir William Keyt, Baronet.

The only son,

THOMAS CHARLES TRACY, 5TH VISCOUNT AND BARON TRACY, born 27 July 1690, married first 27 December 1712 Elizabeth KEYT (born 11 September 1689; buried at Toddington November 1719), eldest daughter of William Keyt, of Ebrington, Gloucestershire and his wife Agnes Clopton, and has issue,

1a Hon William Tracy, born 25 August 1715, educated at University College Oxford, and died unmarried (buried at Toddington 15 April 1752).

2a Hon Jane Tracy, married 7 October 1743 Capel Hanbury, of Pontypool Park, Monmouthshire (born 1707; died 7 October 1765), second son of Major John HANBURY, of Pont-y-Pool Park, Monmouthshire and his second wife Bridget AYSCOUGH, and died 7 March 1787, leaving issue (see above Lineage of Hanbury).


(continued) THOMAS CHARLES TRACY, 5TH VISCOUNT AND BARON TRACY, married second Frances PAKINGTON (died 23 April 1751, buried at Toddington), eldest daughter of Sir John Pakington, 4th Baronet, of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and his first wife Frances Parker (see HAMPTON, B), and died 4 June 1756 (buried at Toddington), having had further issue,


5a Hon Robert Pakington Tracy, born 28 August 1725; died unmarried August 1748.


7a Hon Frances Tracy, Woman of the Bedchamber to HM Queen Charlotte.

8a Hon Anne Tracy, married John Smith, of Combhay, Somerset.

9a Hon Dorothy Tracy, died young.

10a Hon Elizabeth Tracy, died young.

The second son,

THOMAS CHARLES TRACY, 6TH VISCOUNT AND BARON TRACY, DCL Oxford 7 July 1773, born 17 June 1719, married 10 February 1755 Harriet BATHURST (buried at Bath 8 August 1795), daughter of Peter Bathurst, of Clarendon Park, Wiltshire and his second wife Lady Selina Shirley (see FERRERS, E), and died without issue 10 August 1792 (buried at Toddington), when he was succeeded by his younger half-brother,

REV JOHN TRACY, 7TH VISCOUNT AND BARON TRACY, All Souls College Oxford (Fellow and MA 1749), Proctor of the University of Oxford 1755, BD 1757, DD 1761, Warden of All Souls College Oxford 1766–93, held the livings of Lewknor, Oxfordshire 1763–40, Didbrook, Gloucestershire 1765–89 and Farnborough, Berkshire 1768–69, born 17 August 1722, educated at Abingdon School, and University College Oxford (BA 1745), and died unmarried 2 February 1793 (buried at Toddington), when he was succeeded by his younger brother,

HENRY LEIGH TRACY, 8TH AND LAST VISCOUNT AND BARON TRACY, Lieutenant 7th Regiment of Foot (Royal Fusiliers) 13 February 1757, Captain 98th Regiment of Foot 28 October 1760–63, inherited in 1795 from his wife’s cousin Arthur Blayney the estates of Gregynog in Powys (now part of the University of Wales) and Morville in Shropshire, born 25 January 1732, educated at Abingdon School, married 12 December 1767 Susannah WEAVER (buried at Toddington 25 November 1783), daughter of Anthony Weaver, of Morville, Shropshire, and died 29 April 1797 (buried at Toddington), when the Barony and Viscountcy expired, having had issue,

1a Hon Henrietta Susannah TRACY, born 30 November 1776, married 29 December 1798 Charles Hanbury later HANBURY-TRACY (Royal Licence 19 December 1798), 1st Baron Sudeley, of Toddington, Gloucester (born 28 December 1778; died 10 February 1858), third and youngest son of John HANBURY, of Pont-y-Pool Park, Monmouthshire and his wife Jane Lewis, and died 5 June 1839, leaving issue (see above Lineage of Hanbury).

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