Alexander Sergeivich Pushkin 1799–1837

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Алекса́ндр Серге́евич Пу́шкин
Alexander Sergeivich Pushkin 1799–1837
Statue on Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog, Podgorica, Montenegro

Descendants of Alexander Sergeivich Pushkin

by William Bortrick

Alexander Sergeivich Pushkin, eldest son of Captain Sergei Lvovich Pushkin and his wife Nadezhda Osipovna Gannibal, born at Moscow 26 May 1799, educated at Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, married at Moscow 19 January 1831 Natalia Nikolaevna Goncharova (born at Karian 27 August 1812, married second at Strelna 16 July 1844 Major General Petr Petrovich Lanskoy (born 1799; died 1877), and died 26 November 1863, buried at St Alexander Nevsky Monastery), third and youngest daughter of Nikolai Afanasievich Goncharov and his wife Natalia Ivanovna Zagriajskaya, and died at St Petersburg as a result of a duel 29 January 1837 (buried at Svyatogorsky Monastery, Mikhailovskoye), having had issue,

1a Maria Alexandrovna Pushkina, born 19 May 1832, married 1860 Major General Leonid Nikolaevich Hartung (born 1834; died 13 October 1877), and died 22 February 1919.

2a Alexander Alexandrovich Pushkin, born 14 July 1833, married first Sophia Lanskoy. Alexander Alexandrovich Pushkin, married second Maria Alexandrovna Pavlova, and died 19 July 1914, having had with other issue,

1b Nikolai Alexandrovich Pushkin, and had issue.

2b Maria Alexandrovna Pushkina, and had issue.

3a Grigory Alexandrovich Pushkin, born 14 May 1835; died 5 August 1905.

4a Natalia Alexandrovna Pushkina, Countess von Merenberg (created by HSH Georg Viktor, Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont 29 July 1868), born at St Petersburg 4 June 1836, married 1856 (divorced) Lieutenant General Michael Leontievich Dubelt (born at Kiev 8 February 1822; died at St Petersburg 6 April 1900), younger son of Leonti Vasilievich Dubelt and his wife Anna Nikolaevna Mordvinova, and had issue,

1b Natalia Mikhailovna Dubelt, born at St Petersburg 23 August 1854, married at Wiesbaden 18 January 1881 Arnold Hermann Joseph Johann Nepomuk Franz Xaver Leopold von Bessel (born at Cologne 16 June 1826; died at Wiesbaden 16 March 1887), elder son of Leopold Christoph Ludolf von Bessel and his first wife Baroness Sibilla Ludowika von und zum Pütz, and died at 6 October 1926, having had issue,

1c Major General Arnold von Bessel, born at Wiesbaden 24 May 1882, married first at Jena 26 April 1910 (divorced) Klara Antonia Thon (born at Rheinsberg 9 January 1888; died 10 May 1928). Arnold von Bessel, married second at Kleinholtz 23 April 1926 Anna (born 26 January 1897; died 17 April 1928), and had issue,

1d Natalie Anna Sibilla Louise von Bessel, born 22 June 1927.

1c (continued) Arnold von Bessel, married third at Eiche, Potsdam 2 July 1930 Baroness Marie Agnes Auguste Margarethe von Reibnitz (born at Oldenburg 14 April 1902; died at Bad Herrenalb), daughter of Baron Wilhelm Viktor Ernst Arthur von Reibnitz and his wife Luise von Schroeder, and died at Paris, France 19 July 1945 (buried at Saint-André-de-l’Eure).

2c Elisabeth Georgine Natalie Sibilla Klara von Bessel, born at Wiesbaden 8 November 1883.

4a (continued) Natalia Alexandrovna Dubelt, married (morganatically) at London 1 July 1868 HSH Prince Nikolaus Wilhelm of Nassau (born at Biebrich 20 September 1832; died at Wiesbaden 18 September 1905), only son of HH Georg Wilhelm August Heinrich Belgicus, Duke of Nassau 1816–39 and his second wife HRH Princess Pauline Friederike Marie of Württemberg, and died at Cannes 23 March 1913, having had further issue,

2b Countess Sophie von Merenberg, Countess de Torby (created by HRH Adolphe, Grand Duke of Luxembourg 1891), born at Geneva, Switzerland 1 June 1868, married at Sanremo 26 February 1891 HIH Grand Duke Mikhail Mikhailovich of Russia (born at Peterhof Palace, St Petersburg 4 October 1861; died at London 26 April 1929, buried at London), second son of HIH Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolaevich of Russia and his wife HGDH Princess Cecilie Auguste of Baden, and died at London 14 September 1927 (buried at London), having had issue,

1c Countess Anastasia (Zia) Mikhailovna de Torby, CBE (1956), DStJ (granted by HM George V, King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1 September 1917), born at Wiesbaden 9 September 1892, married at London 17 July 1917 Major-General Sir Harold Augustus Wernher, 3rd Baronet, GCVO, TD, DL (born at London 16 January 1893; died at Luton 30 June 1973, buried at East Hyde, Bedfordshire), third and youngest son of Sir Julius Charles Wernher, 1st Baronet and his wife Alice Sedgwick Mankiewicz, and died at London 7 December 1977 (buried at East Hyde, Bedfordshire), having had issue,

1d George Michael Alexander Wernher, Captain 17th/21st Lancers, served in WWII, born at Edinburgh 22 August 1918; killed unmarried on active service at Béja, Tunisia 4 December 1942 (buried at Majaz Al Bab, Tunisia).

2d Georgina Wernher, born at Edinburgh 17 October 1919, married first at London 10 October 1944 Lieutenant-Colonel Harold Pedro Joseph Phillips, FRGS (born at London 6 November 1909; died at Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire 27 October 1980), younger son of Colonel Joseph Harold John Phillips and his wife Mary Mercedes Bryce, and had issue,

1e Alexandra (Sacha) Anastasia Phillips, OBE, born at Tucson, Arizona, USA 27 February 1946, married at London 20 October 1966 James Hamilton, 5th Duke of Abercorn, KG (born at London 4 July 1934), elder son of James Edward Hamilton, 4th Duke of Abercorn and his wife Lady Mary Kathleen Crichton, and died at London 10 December 2018, having had issue,

1f James Harold Charles Hamilton, Marquess of Hamilton, born at London 19 August 1969, married at London 7 May 2004 Tanya Marie Nation (born at Paris, France 30 April 1971), elder daughter of Douglas Percy Codrington Nation and his wife Barbara Anne Brookes, and has issue,

1g James Alfred Nicholas Hamilton, Viscount Strabane, born 30 October 2005.

2g Lord Claud Douglas Harold Hamilton, born 12 December 2007.

2f Lady Sophia Alexandra Hamilton, born at London 8 June 1973, married at Baronscourt, County Tyrone 7 September 2002 (divorced 2005) Anthony William Vivian Loyd (born at Guildford, Surrey 12 September 1966), son of William Loyd and his wife Deirdre Thompson.

3f Lord Nicholas Edward Claud Hamilton, born at Omagh, County Tyrone 5 July 1979, married at New York, New York, USA 30 August 2009 Tatiana Kronberg (born at St Petersburg 1977), daughter of Evgeni Kronberg and his wife Irinia Grichtchenko, and has issue,

1g Valentina Neva Hamilton, born at New York, New York, USA 19 December 2010.

2e Nicholas Harold Phillips, born at London 23 August 1947, educated at Eton College, married at Salzburg 18 October 1975 Countess Maria Lucia Czernin von Chudenitz (born at Graz, Austria 16 May 1941), second daughter of Count Paul Otto Ernst Theobald Maria Czernin von Chudenitz and his wife Baroness Elisabeth Maria Anna Christina Paula Leonhardine von Gudenus, and died at Luton 1 March 1991, having had issue,

1f Charlotte Sonia Maria Phillips, born at Paris, France 22 December 1976.

2f Edward Paul Nicholas Phillips, born at London 2 November 1981, married 2011 Marina F.E. Wilson (born 1984), daughter of John C.H. Wilson and his wife Penelope Mumford.

3e Fiona Mercedes Phillips, born at London 30 March 1951, married at London 7 July 1971 James Comyn Amherst Burnett of Leys (born at Aberdeen 24 July 1941), second son of Hon Henry Kerr Auchmuty Cecil and his wife Elizabeth Rohays Mary Burnett of Leys, and has issue,

1f Alexander James Amherst Burnett of Leys, Younger, born at Aberdeen 30 July 1973, married at Cushnie 9 July 2005 Lavinia Margaret Cox (born at Insch 25 March 1971), and has issue,

1g Amaryllis Susan Rohays Burnett of Leys, born at Aberdeen 24 November 2006.

2g Thomas Henry Amherst Burnett of Leys, born 11 February 2008.

3g Hester Zia Elizabeth Burnett of Leys, born 11 April 2009.

2f Eliza Amelia Burnett of Leys, born at Aberdeen 13 June 1977, with Azzy ASGHAR, and has issue,

1g Serena Farzana Georgina ASGHAR, born at London 7 September 2013.

2g Theodore ASGHAR, born at London 13 July 2016.

3f Victor Cecil Tobias Burnett of Leys, born at Aberdeen 1 October 1982.

4e Marita Georgina Phillips, born at London 28 May 1954, married first at London 3 November 1982 Randall Stafford Crawley (born 14 July 1950; died in an air accident near Turin, Italy 10 September 1988), younger son of Aidan Merivale Crawley, MBE and his wife Harriet Virginia Spencer Cowles, OBE, and has issue,

1f Aidan Harold Winston Crawley, born at London 22 October 1983.

2f Cosima Georgina Crawley, born at London 31 May 1985.

3f Galen Randall George Crawley, born at London 13 November 1988.

4e (continued) Marita Georgina Crawley, married second 2006, as his third wife, Andrew Stephen Bower Knight (born 1 November 1939), son of Group Captain Marcus William Bower Knight, DFC, Legion of Merit (USA).

5e Natalia Ayesha Phillips, born at London 8 May 1959, married at London 7 October 1978 Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster, KG, CB, CVO, OBE, TD, CD, DL (born at Omagh, County Tyrone 22 December 1951; died at Preston, Lancashire 9 August 2016), only son of Robert George Grosvenor, 5th Duke of Westminster and his wife Hon Viola Maud Lyttelton, and has issue,

1f Lady Tamara Katherine Grosvenor, born at London 20 December 1979, married at Chester Cathedral 6 November 2004 Edward Bernard Charles van Cutsem (born at London 6 June 1973), eldest son of Hugh Bernard Edward van Cutsem and his wife Jonkrouwe Emilie Elise Christine van Ufford, and has issue,

1g Jake Louis Hannibal van Cutsem, born 21 May 2009.

2g Louis Hugh Lupus van Cutsem, born 17 April 2012.

3g Isla van Cutsem, born December 2015.

2f Lady Edwina Louise Grosvenor, born at London 4 November 1981, married at Liverpool 27 November 2010 Daniel Robert Snow, MBE (born 3 December 1978), only son of Peter Snow, CBE and his second wife Ann Elizabeth MacMillan, and has issue,

1g Zia Snow, born at London 13 October 2011.

2g Wolf Robert Snow, born 9 September 2014.

3g Orla Snow, born December 2015.

3f Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor, 7th Duke of Westminster, born 29 January 1991.

4f Lady Viola Georgina Grosvenor, born at London 12 October 1992.

2d (continued) Georgina Phillips, married second at London December 1992, as his fourth wife, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir George Arnold Ford Kennard, 3rd Baronet (born 27 April 1915; died 13 December 1999), younger son of Sir Coleridge Arthur Fitzroy Kennard, 1st Baronet and his wife Dorothy Katherine Barclay, and died at London 28 April 2011.

3d Myra Alice Wernher, CVO, born at Edinburgh 8 March 1925, married at London 5 November 1946 Major Sir David Henry Butter, KCVO, MC, JP (born at London 18 March 1920; died 29 May 2010), younger son of Colonel Charles Adrian James Butter, OBE, JP, DL and his wife Agnes Marguerite Clark, and has issue,

1e Sandra Elizabeth Zia Butter, born at London 26 July 1948, married at London 16 March 1983 William David Morrison (born at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 19 August 1940), and has issue,

1f Charles Nicholas Morrison, born at London 12 December 1985.

2f Sophie Natasha Morrison, born at London 23 October 1987.

2e Marilyn Davina Butter, born at London 22 March 1950, married 3 October 1973 James Hubert Ramsay, 17th Earl of Dalhousie, DL, Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Angus 2002–, Lord Steward of HM Household 2009– (born 17 January 1948), eldest son of Simon Ramsay, 16th Earl of Dalhousie, KT, GCVO, GBE, MC and his wife Margaret Elizabeth Mary Stirling, and has issue,

1f Lady Lorna Theresa Ramsay, born 6 February 1975, married 12 November 2005 Fergus Lefebvre (born 1971), son of Paul Lefebvre, and has issue,

1g Archie James Lefebvre, born 26 April 2007.

2g Henry Paul Lefebvre, born at Sydney, Australia 18 September 2008.

3g Ned Fergus Lefebvre, born at Sydney, Australia 2 May 2011.

2f Lady Alice Magdalene Ramsay, born 10 August 1977.

3f Simon David Ramsay, Lord Ramsay, Captain 1st Battalion Scots Guards, born 18 April 1981, educated at Harrow School, married at Asheville, North Carolina, USA 24 September 2016 Kaitlin Marie KUBINSKY (born 2 May 1985), daughter of John Joseph KUBINSKY Sr, of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA and his wife Sheila Marie TORPEY, and has issue,

1g Hon William Fox RAMSAY, born 25 August 2017.

3e Rohays Georgina Butter, born at London 9 April 1952, married 7 May 1988 Prince Alexander Peter Galitzine (born at London 6 September 1945), elder son of Prince George Vladimirovich Galitzine and his first wife Baroness Anna Marie von Slatin, and has issue,

1f Princess Sasha Alice Natalia Galitzine, born at London 10 February 1989.

2f Princess Nadezhda Georgina Galitzine, born at London 9 July 1990.

4e Georgina Marguerite Butter, born at London 9 July 1956, married at Dunkeld, Perthshire 4 December 1982 Count Peter Stefan Ladislaus Pejácsevich de Veröcze (born at London 12 August 1954), son of Count Markus Alexander Nikolaus Emericus Maria Pejácsevich de Veröcze and his wife Eva Máriássy de Márkus et Batizfalva, and has issue,

1f Count Alexander Geza Marcus Pejácsevich de Veröcze, born at London 15 July 1988.

2f Countess Anastasia Lila Sophia Pejácsevich de Veröcze, born at London 30 May 1992.

5e Charles Harold Alexander Butter, born at London 10 April 1960, married at Dunkeld Cathedral, Perthshire 1 September 2006 Agnieszka Dominika Szeluk, and has issue,

1f Julia Davina Butter, born 20 December 2006.

2f Henry Archie Alexander Butter, born 27 July 2009.

2c Countess Nadejda Mikhailovna de Torby, born at Cannes 28 March 1896, married at London 15 November 1916 HSH Prince George Louis Victor Henry Serge of Battenberg later Mountbatten, 2nd Marquess of Milford Haven, GCVO (born at Darmstadt 6 November 1892; died at London 8 April 1938), elder son of HSH Prince Louis Alexander of Battenberg later Mountbatten, 1st Marquess of Milford Haven and his wife HGDH Princess Victoria Alberta Elisabeth Mathilde Marie of Hesse and by Rhine, and died at Cannes 22 January 1963, having had issue,

1d Lady Tatiana Elizabeth Mountbatten, born at Edinburgh 16 December 1917; died at Northampton 15 May 1988.

2d David Michael Mountbatten, 3rd Marquess of Milford Haven, OBE, DSC, born at Edinburgh 12 May 1919, married first at Washington DC, USA 4 February 1950 (divorced 1954) Romaine Dahlgren Pierce (born at Biltmore, North Carolina, USA 17 July 1923; died at New York, New York, USA 15 February 1975), daughter of Vinton Ulric Dahlgren Pierce and his wife Margaret Knickerbocker Clark. David Michael Mountbatten, 3rd Marquess of Milford Haven, married second at London 17 November 1960 Janet Mercedes Bryce (born at Hamilton, Bermuda 29 September 1937), daughter of Major Francis Bryce, OBE and his wife Gladys Jean Mosley, and died at London 14 April 1970 (buried at Whippingham, Isle of Wight), having had issue,

1e George Ivar Louis Mountbatten, 4th Marquess of Milford Haven, born at London 6 June 1961, educated at Gordonstoun School, married at London 8 March 1989 (divorced 27 February 1996) Sarah Georgina Walker (born at London 17 November 1961), formerly wife of Andreas Antoniou, and daughter of George Alfred Walker and his wife Jean Maureen Hatton, and has issue,

1f Lady Tatiana Helen Georgia Mountbatten, born at London 16 April 1990.

2f Henry David Louis Mountbatten, Earl of Medina, born at London 19 October 1991.

1e (continued) George Ivar Louis Mountbatten, 4th Marquess of Milford Haven, married second at Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA 20 August 1997 Clare Husted Steel (born at New York, New York, USA 2 September 1960), younger daughter of Anthony Nigel Steel and his wife Annie Reiner.

2e Lord Ivar Alexander Michael Mountbatten, DL, born at London 9 March 1963, educated at Gordonstoun School, and Middlebury College, Vermont (BA), married at Clare, Suffolk 23 April 1994 (divorced 2011) Penelope Anne Vere Thompson (born at Salisbury 17 March 1966), only daughter of Colin G. Thompson and his wife Rosemary Vere Edwardes, and has issue,

1f Ella Louise Georgina Mountbatten, born at Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 20 March 1996.

2f Alexandra Nora Victoria Mountbatten, born at Bridwell Park, Devon 8 May 1998.

3f Louise Xenia Rose Mountbatten, born at Bridwell Park, Devon 30 July 2002.

3c Count Michael Mikhailovich de Torby, naturalised in the United Kingdom November 1938, born at Wiesbaden 8 October 1898; died unmarried at London 25 April 1959 (buried at London).

3b Countess Alexandra von Merenberg, born at Wiesbaden 14 December 1869, married at London 1914 Don Maximo de Elia (born 1851; died at Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France 1929), and died without issue at Buenos Aires, Argentina 29 September 1950.

4b Count Georg Nicholas von Merenberg, born at Wiesbaden 13 February 1871, married first at Nice, France 12 May 1895 HSH Princess Olga Alexandrovna Yurievskaya (born at St Petersburg 27 October 1873; died at Wiesbaden 10 August 1925), elder daughter of HIM Alexander II, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias 1855–81 and his second wife HSH Princess Catherine Mikhailovna Dolgorukova, Princess Yurievskaya, and had issue,

1c Count Alexander Nicholas Adolf Michael Georg von Merenberg, born at Bonn 17 September 1896; died at Hanover 27 April 1897.

2c Count Georg Michael Alexander von Merenberg, born at Hanover 16 October 1897, married first at Budapest 7 January 1926 (divorced 13 July 1928) Paulette de Kövér de Gyergyó-Szent-Miklós. Count Georg Michael Alexander von Merenberg, married second at Schroda 27 July 1940 Elisabeth Müller-Uri (born at Wiesbaden 8 July 1903; died at Wiesbaden 20 November 1963), daughter of Dr Friedrich Anton Müller-Uri and his wife Sophie Elisabeth Burkhardt, and died at Mainz 11 January 1965, having had issue,

1d Countess Elisabeth Clotilde von Merenberg, born at Wiesbaden 14 May 1941, married at Wiesbaden 25 May 1965 Dr Enno Martin Karl Wilhelm von Rintelen (born at Berlin-Charlottenburg 9 November 1921; died 16 October 2013), son of Emil Viktor Wilhelm Kurt von Rintelen and his wife Antonie Bracht, and has issue,

1e Alexander Enno von Rintelen, born at Wiesbaden 23 March 1966.

2e Nikolaus von Rintelen, born at Wiesbaden 29 June 1970, married 30 June 2007 Olivia Minninger (born at Cologne, Germany 27 August 1969), daughter of Dr Günter Minninger and his wife Monika Kleineberg, and has issue,

1f Julian von Rintelen, born at Munich 7 January 2003.

2f Nicolai von Rintelen, born at Munich 17 November 2006.

3e Gregor von Rintelen, born at Wiesbaden 13 August 1972, married 2002 Countess Christiane Mathilde Jane zu Bentheim-Tecklenburg-Rheda-Prill (born at Wiesbaden 18 May 1973), daughter of Count Fiedebert zu Bentheim-Tecklenburg-Rheda-Prill and his wife Rosemarie Heihecker, and has issue,

1f Frederick Enno Christian von Rintelen, born 11 December 2006.

2f Luise von Rintelen, born at Braine L'Alleud, Belgium 30 June 2009.

3c Countess Olga Catharina Ada von Merenberg, born at Wiesbaden 3 October 1898, married at Wiesbaden 3 November 1923 Count Michael Loris-Melikow (born at Tsarskoye Selo 21 June 1900; died at Bottmingen, Switzerland 2 October 1980), and died at Bottmingen 15 September 1983, having had issue,

1d Count Alexander Loris-Melikow, born at Paris, France 26 May 1926, married at Soignies, Belgium 27 September 1958 Micheline Prunier (born at Liège, Belgium 21 June 1932), and has issue,

1e Countess Ann Elisabeth Loris-Melikow, born at Basel, Switzerland 23 July 1959, married 1983 Marc Moos (born 1953), and has issue,

1f Alain Moos, born 1984.

2e Countess Dominique Loris-Melikow, born at Basel, Switzerland 23 March 1961.

3e Countess Nathalie Loris-Melikow, born at Basel, Switzerland 28 December 1962, married 1996 Johan Dierbach (born 1963), and has issue,

1f Sophie Dierbach, born 1997.

4e Count Michael Loris-Melikow, born at Basel, Switzerland 18 December 1964.

4b (continued) Count Georg Nicholas von Merenberg, married at Wiesbaden 2 January 1930 Adelheid Moran-Brambeer (born at Wiesbaden 18 October 1875; died at Zürich, Switzerland 12 May 1942), daughter of Wilhelm Brambeer and his wife Sarah Moran, and died at Wiesbaden 31 May 1948.

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